Thursday, July 3, 2008

The BIG Move

We survived the move - well, the first part.  Doug's family came on the Saturday before moving week and helped us move out the shed that we were not selling with the house.  In order to do that, they had to rent a backhoe.  Talk about the highlight of our boys' lives!  

Nolan and Grandpa
Brenden and Grandpa

Moving went fairly well.  We already know the movers broke a few things and we haven't even received our shipment yet.  The new owner was anxious to move in, so I didn't even have to finish the cleaning!  

Our flight was 5 hours to Anchorage and the boys did GREAT.  The genius travel agent who booked our flights booked us all separate, so we were supposed to all be spread throughout the plane.  We had a few people kind enough to trade us seats so I sat with Brenden and Nolan and Doug was right in front of us with Ethan.  Ethan slept quite a bit of the flight and Brenden and Nolan colored and watched movies.  We had a relatively short layover in Anchorage.  We had to pick up our luggage, re-check it, and make it to our plane.  Not only that, but Doug had to find a taxi that would transport animals and go get the dogs from the cargo area and get them back to the terminal.  We barely made it, but made it all the same.  The flight to Kenai is only 25 minutes.  We got here and then had to fit all of our luggage, the dogs, and the kids in our rental car.  I thought for sure we would have to make a few trips, but Doug is a master at loading cars.  Luckily, our cars arrived only 4 days later.  Unluckily, something happened to my car while it was in transit and it won't start and won't lock.

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sounds like an adventure- for sure!