Monday, August 29, 2011

Butt Dial

Doug butt dialed me this morning while taking the boys to school.  I didn't answer and it went to my voicemail.  I listened to the whole message.  This was my favorite part.

Doug: Ethan, please hold his backpack while he gets buckled.  Brenden, please help him buckle.
Brenden:  GET BUCKLED!!!!!!
Doug: I asked you to help him, not yell at him.
Brenden: I'm helping him by yelling at him!


Landon and Mandi said...

ha ha ha!! I butt dial people all the time, I hate my phone!!! The boys are growing up too fast, good looking group though, so totally miss your face.

LA Law said...

Too funny!

Laurie said...

hilarious! my sister butt dialed me the other day while at a football was interesting!