Sunday, June 10, 2012

Run for the River 2012

I purposely wore the same outfit as last year so I could compare my pictures.  I find it unfortunate that I think I looked better a year ago - a year in which I have worked out 5-6 days a week for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours a day and still gained 30 pounds.  Last year, I hauled Tiffany along with me.  This year, I met up with Charlotte, who "just needed to run a 10 mile training run anyway" so she decided last minute to Run for the River.  The rest of us aren't crazy and we did the 5K.  For a little while, I thought Whitney stood me up, but I found her after I wandered for 45 minutes, waiting for the race to start.  She is my boot camp instructor.  It was a good run, I was a bit disappointed, but it was still 2 minutes faster than last year.  I was on schedule to be 4 minutes faster than last year, but I had a side cramp and couldn't breathe.

One week until our triathlons and I just finally put my pedals on my bike.  I haven't ridden my road bike in 9 months or so.  I've only been to the pool once since the last triathlon.  Next Saturday might be rough...

Brenden and Nolan have been training.  They run on the treadmill, ride their bikes around all day, and I took them to the pool last week to make sure they can at least make it up and back in the pool (Nolan with a life vest).

Summer has been so much better than I expected.  Honestly, I was kind of dreading having everyone home, mostly for the mass destruction of the house.  It has been cleaner since they have been home than it was for the entire previous 9 months.  They have been very helpful.  Ahhhh the joys of slave labor.

This is how "northroaders," as we are called in Nikiski, grade their yard.  "Northroaders" is the Alaskan form of "redneck."

If the last days have plagues, the mosquito plague is most certainly in Alaska.  We are all covered in bites and can't stop itching!  I think there are just as many of them in our house as in the yard.  Nolan is having a great time catching them and sticking them into the mosquito zapper.  It doesn't get dark enough for the mosquitoes to actually go toward the light themselves, so the children direct them there.

If I finish my project that I started the summer we moved here next week, I might show you a picture.  You'd never think it would take me 4 years to finish, but it's almost done.  Makes me wonder what I have been doing with my last 3 summers...?

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Celeste said...

I love the way you use your mosquito zapper - made my night! And as for what you do with your summers, don't you usually run a family resort ;) Wish we could have made it up there this summer!