Monday, January 26, 2009

Me: Brenden, do you want to stay in a hotel we have stayed in before or try a new one?
Brenden:  I like the fancy one with the stairs that went like this... (curving)
Me:  Did that one have a pool?
Brenden:  No, get one with a pool.
Me: Okay, I'll look on the internet later.
Brenden:  Go to

In our family we have learned that you can always find what you want on the internet.  Brenden has also learned that you can order things through email.  He will tell me, "Click it, click it!" (the purchase button) "and it will email them and then they will send it to me in the mail!"

Nolan is my new personal trainer.  I was on the elliptical this afternoon and as I was beginning to tire and he started yelling, "Go faster mom!" "That's too slow!" "Use the arms!"  Who can resist but push themselves a little bit harder with that kind of encouragement?

In final news: Mt. Redoubt is looking active.  That's a huge volcano, folks.  We live in Nikiski, just to the northeast and Doug works in Kenai, straight across the inlet.
 Let's see how many different kinds of natural disasters we can have within the first few weeks of the new year.  
The current activity at Redoubt could be precursory to an eruption, perhaps within days. A further increase in seismicity is expected to accompany an eruption. Staff are currently monitoring the volcano 24 hours a day.
(You can click on the link to the Alaska volcano observatory to stay up to date.)  So, does anyone want to come keep me company?  It could be a nice, warm time had by all.

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Nolo and Lauren said...

hey Erin... just read the lastest about the volcano... hope all goes well. keep us posted on how everything is going. be safe