Thursday, August 6, 2009

Men at Work

Aug. 4 Grant and Greg finished my tile! (There is still a closet that needs tile, but I'll stick the door back on it and call it good for now.) I LOVE that the stairs are finally tiled! Everything looks less "under construction" now.
Practically the minute the last tile was down, Grant and Greg headed out to the garage and built me a whole wall of shelves. As soon as I am done with my update, I am going to go fill them! (They are about double what you can see in the picture.)

8/5/09 was our last day with family here. They loaded up the boat and went out for their final fishing excursion.
They had barely loaded up and the rain started to pour down.
They unloaded the boat, put it back on it's trailer and brought it home. It promptly stopped raining.

We played some pool...
...until the 2.5 foot handicap showed up.
We had a final fishy dinner and took them to the airport. We are all so sad they are gone. The house feels sad and lonely without them.

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JoLynne said...

My family just left too-they were here for two weeks for our first family reunion and boy does life already seem drabby.