Monday, February 1, 2010

Physical Therapy - The End

Last week Ethan's physical therapist told me it was time for his 6 month review - and then she performed the review during their session.  Today as I dropped Ethan off, she informed me that it would be his last session.  It was so sudden.  I am thrilled he no longer needs it, but it was truly the highlight of his week.  He loved his therapist "Wa-wee" (Natalie) and had the best time.  I am sad for him and his loss of play time, but Nolan is ecstatic not to be hauled to Soldotna every Monday - well, for now at least.  We may start speech therapy in Soldotna at the same time on Mondays instead.  I can't imagine how difficult that change will be for Ethan to show up at the same time, same place to a different therapist who doesn't take him into a room called the "Monkey Room" - so named for a very good reason - or the ball room, or to a room full of ride-on toys with a ramp.  It will then be a therapist who will make him sit quietly, listen, and repeat.  Poor Ethan was very suddenly removed from his favorite weekly play time.  I mean, seriously, the place is so fun we had to put Nolan in gymnastics to make up for the fact that he didn't get to go to physical therapy.  I am sure Ethan will get over it, but I tend to over-dramatize the possible emotions that could take place inside another person's head - thus why I should be hired as a professional crier at funerals of people I've never met.  It was a bitter-sweet ending to Ethan's stint in physical therapy, but I'm sure we'll all live.

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