Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sir Brenden

Brenden attended a Princess Birthday Party today and was the only Knight in Shining Armor.  He even chose to skip ice fishing to go to the princess party - knowing he would be the only boy.  Doug asked him what his favorite part of today was and he said, "Playing with all of the princesses."  The only time he seemed a little embarrassed was as they sat down to have cake and he had to sit at a table decorated with princess crowns and pink paper plates.  He said, "It seems a little princess-y."
Brenden demonstrating how to dance with a princess
Brenden dancing with a princess
See the girl at the back looking longingly at Brenden?  She came over a few minutes later and told one of the moms that she wanted to dance with Brenden.  She asked to cut in and the little girl already dancing with him didn't want to let go.  All of the girls wanted to dance with him, but they stopped dancing before all of the girls had a chance.  It was so cute!
Brenden at the coronation - being knighted and made an official prince.

Nothing too exciting is happening around here.  I have been cleaning out the storage room - box by box. I was hoping to have it done before my mom arrives on Wednesday, but now I am kicking myself for starting it before she comes because I have made a huge mess.  It's about half done, but everything's going back in to be re-started another day.  Sigh...

Ethan was sick this week.  He spent an entire night throwing up and most of the next morning.  He is fine now.  I was so sad for him.  He got really good a running toward the bowl when he needed to throw up though.

I'll have to go through my camera and see if anything else noteworthy has happened lately.  It's the only way I can keep track of anything.  I've been taking lots of pictures of food - I'll tell you why later.  Nolan's birthday is Wednesday and he's getting very excited!


Marinda said...

Talk about a ladies man! What a cute prince. I guess if you are going to go to a princess party you might as well be the only boy. You are a brave woman for tackling the storage room - good luck with that one.

Alicia J said...

I see you're preparing him for the boy to girl ratio at BYU. Lucky, lucky boy!

LA Law said...

What a guy!