Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pictures with Santa

Ok, so I know I am like WAY behind, but I thought I ought to post our pictures with Santa BEFORE Christmas.  I am downloading pictures for my big quarterly update (that I wish was more like weekly).  Friday we spent the day cleaning in our pajamas and then got dressed to go see Santa and decorate cookies at the Senior Center.  Doug had to work.
Nolan is miserably sick.
I had to include this picture because this kid was so funny.  He asked my friend Angeline what was on Brenden's head.  When she told him Brenden is deaf, the kid said, "That's so sad."  The kid then came and asked me if the kids were really totally deaf and when I told him yes, he kept saying, "How can you be happy about that?  It's so tragic!"  He wanted to know if we had any other deaf people in our family and I pointed to Ethan.  He thought that was really tragic.  He wanted to know if we had any blind people in our family and if the kids couldn't hear anything.  I told him that was what the implants were for and he thought that was so cool that they could fix their hearing in a single second!  When I told him the kids had to have surgery for that, he was again telling me how tragic our life is.  (Boehme family who came to visit this summer: we think he is the "Will someone please look at me!?" kid.)

Brenden singing a made-up song all about the fire in the fireplace to try to cheer up Cameron.
I can't get enough of this little boy's smiles.
Ethan thought the fire was too hot to pose in front of.
This was a much safer spot.
I am missing church tomorrow with sick children, so expect a better update soon!


Emily Hurtado said...

Ethan looks like a goof ball in his pictures with Santa and cookie decorating. Cameron looks like Nolan and is adorably chubby. Glad you're finally blogging, but it's too bad the kids had to get sick for blogging to happen.

Angeline and Matt said...

now that's a lot of lights on that tree!

Landon and Mandi said...

Cute!! Cameron is a doll what a cutie!! Funny story about that boy!!