Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve ended with decorating cookies.  One of Nolan’s new favorite Christmas Books is The Gingerbread Pirates, so we made gingerbread pirates for Santa – and we left celery for the reindeer.
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Christmas morning, Nolan and Brenden were up at 9:15 and they opened their stockings while we waited for Ethan and Cameron to wake up, which happened around 10:30.
Our family gift was our new computer, wrapped inside the desk.
20101225 654Cameron enjoyed his hand and foot rattles.20101225 14220101225 681Brenden got some K’Nex 20101225 695Nolan loves transformers.
 20101225 725057
I love this kid – he’ll even pretend to be excited about underwear. 003Nolan LOVES Stinky the Garbage Truck .Nolan is so excited about Stinky the Garbage Truck!If this was the case in our house, our children would pretty much ALWAYS be disappointed:
That kid reminds me of Ethan.
Christmas was mostly books, books, and more books.070 080 (2) 113 (2)  138 (2) 161   170 (2) 180
This was Ethan’s big highlight – a Cars garage.214  Christmas was a wonderfully lazy day full of fun.
One of Brenden’s highlights was his snap circuit set.  He has been creating things with it ever since Christmas.  Sometimes he allows an assistant.
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