Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Report Cards

Evidently Nolan's teacher was "directed" to my blog a while back.  This entry is for Ms. Pala: Thank you for validating me in Nolan's report card by acknowledging the fact that I put his folder in his backpack 9 out of 9 weeks.  I don't know that Nolan will ever be "proficient" in listening or following directions.  Sorry about that.

Brenden's teachers are both on maternity leave.  He has two teachers who were due within a week of each other.  He really, really likes them.  Their report card comments are always worded in a way that would make any mother proud of her son.  They always manage to highlight Brenden's best traits and I appreciate it.

Finally, today is Brenden's 8th birthday.  I love that boy.  He never once complained that today wasn't all about him.  Tuesdays are rough.

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doug said...

You have cute kids.