Friday, March 25, 2011

We're BACK!

Most people don't even know we were gone, but we spent the last two weeks away from home.  We visited our families in Utah and Idaho.  More on that later.  I just had to share something before I forgot.

Brenden is usually sensitive (or annoyed, I'm not sure) about other kids asking him what his cochlear implants are.  On the plane home, an 8 year old boy asked him what they were and he slouched down in his seat and mumbled "implants."  The boy asked him what they were for and Brenden told him they were for hearing.  The boy then said, "Those are SO COOL!"  Brenden noticeably sat up taller and prouder and told the boy all about his CIs.  He also proudly shared all about his brothers being deaf too.

Brenden's new CIs are really cool.  I think he is happy with them and they have cool covers to decorate them up.  I was so glad that boy was on the plane with us.  I was thrilled to see Brenden show some pride in his implants.

Brenden's new implants are black.  I gave him the option of brown to match his hair color, but the black looks really cool and tech-y, like the computers and tvs that are out right now.
With the mini battery
Brenden's favorite cover
 We also have these covers:
The covers for little girls are way cuter - I have mine all picked out for the day I become deaf.  Ethan's implants are charcoal color.  The boys each have soccer covers and share the others.


Amber said...

Logan would love some of those! Where did you get them?

The Boehme Family said...

Amber, they are made for cochlear implants, but Cameron's audiologist gave us some cool decals for Ethan's old hearing aids. There are flames and guitars and other cool boy stuff. I wonder if you can buy them online from Oticon or something. It says Oticon Safari on the sheet. Maybe Mary has something like them? I have googled "cochlear implant decor" and things like that and some people have some great ideas. You can also buy ear gear for hearing aids. Our audiologist suggested those too. Also, I have heard you can buy the buttons with a circle on the back and slide them onto the tubing. They sell something like that online at I have also read that you can put the stickers meant for nails on the aids. As far as Andi goes, if I had a little girl, I would put rhinestones on the hearing aids in the shape of a flower or something.

celeste said...

It was really good seeing you! Sorry everything was so rushed. Oh and next time I think the guys get a handicap.

Anonymous said...

Referring to Brenden, I forgot to tell you that Brenden was looking at the magnets of Disneyland on our fridge and said, "Disneyland isn't the happiest place on earth, the temple is." Now that is a smart boy and I love him and all those other boys too. Thanks for the visit. Gma Boehme

Koren said...

Emily told me that when she asked Halle what she wants for her birthday, she said that she wants those things like Brenden has on his head.

Melissa L. said...

Awesome! Your kids are growing up and so smart! So sad we didn't get a chance to see you!