Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not forgotten

I have not forgotten my blog – the thought of updating it haunts me nightly.  I have been busy (that’s new, right?), but in ways that aren’t my mundane daily tasks and are for me.  Now, THAT is something new.  It is hard to fit in time for myself, but I am making it happen.  It’s a good thing it is light in Alaska until all hours of the night or it wouldn’t happen.
Saturday, Tiffany and I participated in Run for the River.6-11-11
My children won’t let me cut their hair:IMG_2012
Cameron falls asleep reading books just like his big brother:IMG_2004
Our May file has A LOT of pictures, so we’ll come back to that.
5/29 Doug had a birthdayIMG_2002with all his favorite foods:IMG_18996/2 We planned on hiking, but got out of the house too late, so we took a walk along the riverIMG_1907and played in the park.IMG_1912IMG_1918IMG_1922Then we took the kids and their bikes to the track.  Can you tell who sits still the longest?IMG_1935IMG_1941IMG_1955IMG_1968IMG_1976
I wrote the post below back in March and never posted it because I wanted to include a video, but life happens and videos don’t, so here you go.
I’ll be back.


Anonymous said...

I see blue sky and sunshine there-we are lacking in both here so enjoy it-I did notice you all have jackets on, that made me feel better!!! Love you guys we are anxious to see you in Aug. Gma B.

Koren said...

That IS Brenden with all the hair, right? Justin Bieber look out!

Emily Hurtado said...

Welcome back! I've missed you so. I can't believe how long Brenden's hair is!

Jeremy said...

Actually unless my eyes deceive me, I think that is Ethan with the long hair, is it not?

Celeste said...

Can't believe how darn cute Cameron is! Miss you guys.

The Boehme Family said...

Yeah, Ethan is the one in the spiked hair picture, but Brenden is the one with the Justin Bieber hair. Good thing for facebook - it is the only reason I know about Justin Bieber. I keep asking to cut their hair and everyone tells me no.

Marinda said...

Wow Erin - you look great! Hope the race went well. Loved reading the blog!!