Sunday, February 20, 2011


February started with my mom coming.  She arrived on the 1st.  Nolan’s birthday party was on the 2nd at the pool.  IMG_6551IMG_6512
Nolan’s birthday is actually the 3rd.  I have a thing for birthDAYs – the actual day means a lot to me.  Nolan picked eggs and monkey bread for breakfast and all the wanted to do for the day was ride his snow machine and eat at the Treehouse restaurant.  He got both.
Sadly, on the 8th, we drove my mom to Anchorage so she could catch her flight home.  The 9th, we had audiology appointments.  What does Doug do while he waits in the car?  Take pictures, of course!
Doug had to work on my birthday, so Tiffany threw me a party at her house.  Here, Blakeley pulled Cameron’s sleeve so his arm is stuck in his shirt.IMG_6696Tiffany made me a carrot cake.IMG_6695
2/16 Doug is so proud to call Ethan his son.  Shorts and boots… what a proud moment.DSCN0255
2/18 Brenden makes THE absolute BEST grilled cheese sandwiches ever.2 Bren makes grilled cheese 2-18Bren makes grilled cheese 2-18

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Anonymous said...

Brendens cheese sandwiches are the best I have had one! Those guys are so handsome. Love, Gma Boehme