Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine’s Day

The pictures imported backwards, so I’ll tell you about our day backward.

For dinner we had heart shaped pizzas.  I was going to make pizza anyway and then this morning Doug gave me a new cooking magazine with a thin crust pizza recipe in it.  I couldn’t find a pizza stone anywhere, so I bought a piece of travertine and it worked okay, but I’m not sure I would recommend it yet.  I’ll let you know after we cut it down so it actually fits in my oven instead of hanging part way out.  Doug also bought mini pepperoni last week that worked perfect for mini pizzas.


I didn’t take pictures, but the kids (and Doug) had scalloped heart shape sandwiches for lunch.

For breakfast I was making birds in a nest with heart shaped cutouts when Brenden announced he wanted heart shaped pancakes.  I made pancake batter using the strawberry milk I made for breakfast and then threw in some mini chocolate chips and put strawberry syrup on top.  Not the healthiest breakfast ever, but perfect for a day full of sweets.


The kids took Valentines to class today.  I think they turned out pretty darn cute.  By the way: Walmart photo hates me (but gave me a $15 gift card for my trouble) and Safeway photo is a lifesaver.




I don’t normally drink a lot of pop, but when I am really stressed, sometimes I need a diet cherry Pepsi.  (Hey, it’s better than some things I could turn to.)  I have been really stressed.


When I started making breakfast, I kept opening cupboards to find little (and not so little) presents hidden – all with chocolates attached to them.  It’s a good thing Doug loves me no matter what my size because I am being fattened up by all who love me.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Marinda said...

Super cute! Felicia and I planned heart shaped pizzas for dinner too....both of us resorted to Papa Murphys heart shaped pizza and called it good. Cute valentines, cute breakfast, cute blog!

Unknown said...

WOW Erin!!! I love this site and LOVE your Valentines guys made the whole day special how awesome is that!!! Absolutely amazing valentine's the kiddos did too!