Monday, August 29, 2011

Butt Dial

Doug butt dialed me this morning while taking the boys to school.  I didn't answer and it went to my voicemail.  I listened to the whole message.  This was my favorite part.

Doug: Ethan, please hold his backpack while he gets buckled.  Brenden, please help him buckle.
Brenden:  GET BUCKLED!!!!!!
Doug: I asked you to help him, not yell at him.
Brenden: I'm helping him by yelling at him!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ethan’s First Day

Cameron has become a lizard.  He loves his tongue.IMG_9476

I guess maybe he learns it from his brothers.IMG_9439IMG_9425IMG_9391IMG_9343IMG_9372IMG_9339IMG_9322IMG_9308IMG_9284IMG_9282IMG_9277IMG_9251IMG_9258

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Time?

Ethan has been DYING to go to school.  He has Nolan's classroom and teacher from last year.  When we dropped Nolan off last year, Ethan ran ahead every day to announce Nolan's presence to the class.  Ethan is thrilled to be going to Ms. Pala's class.  Tonight, I was hurrying him along with his shower, dinner, and bedtime routine to make sure he got enough sleep before morning pre-k.  After getting up for the gazillionth time to go to the bathroom, he was tossing and turning in his bed, so I went to tuck him in one more time.  He couldn't hear me coming and didn't see me coming, so I kind of surprise him and he jumped a little and said, "What!?  Time for school?"  I wonder if he'll sleep at all tonight.  I'm sure he'll pop right out of bed in the morning.  He can't ride the bus for two weeks, which will probably kill both of us.

Nolan had a huge grin plastered on his face when he got on the bus this morning.  He's never ridden the bus TO school, so he was pretty pleased.  I had to pick him up from school yesterday after I told him he was riding the bus home, and I thought he was going to cry.  He is enjoying kindergarten so far.  He recited all the bathroom rules to me last night, one of which is "No touching poop."  They have a kid in kindergarten that is allergic to peanuts, so Nolan can't take pb&j for lunch.  That limits our lunch selection.  I guess Nolan will have to have it on the weekends, because he's a big fan.

Right now Nolan is out fishing with Doug.  Only the second day of school and already we are late for bedtime.  Nolan is a great fisherman and will tell anyone that shows any interest, all about the huge salmon he caught last week (and will include over and over again that grandpa's salmon was tiny).  I love how when he tells the story, he says, "It was big and I'm just little and I caught it.  The string (fishing line) kept coming out and out and out."  Nolan is patient and even enjoys the days that they don't catch anything.

Brenden jumps right into school like it's nothing new.  I had to pick the kids up from school yesterday because we got a call that the optometrist had a cancellation and could see Brenden.  He sees about 20/40 with his eyes individually and 20/30 when he uses them both.  It's not bad enough for glasses yet, but I think we know what's coming.  He was horrified that the doctor might say he needed glasses.  He really doesn't want them.

Brenden asked me at the beginning of the summer if he could have a credit card.  I told him no and that he could get one when he got a job.  So, Brenden started his own business selling sticks.  He whittled them and sold them as weapons - some as much as $23!  He was disappointed I wouldn't spend over $2 in his shop.  One day he asked me again if he could get a credit card.  I told him no.  He responded, "But I got a JOB!" with a whiney inflection in his voice. 

Brenden kind of loves money.  Who doesn't?  Evidently his teacher "pays" them for doing homework and being good class members.  They can buy school supplies, like mechanical pencils (which they're not supposed to have accoring to the school supply list, so it's something special) and erasers.  They can rent a workout ball to replace their chair for the day.  They can also rent the teacher's chair.  He is pretty excited and I'm hoping it will teach him a little bit about finances for the day he gets himself a credit card.

Cameron had an appointment on Saturday with the helmet doctor.  He was impressed with Cameron's progress and says Cameron will probably be done with his helmet on September 16.  That was fast!  I am beyond thrilled, but in my opinion, things probably would have worked themselves out without the helmet.  Once he was sitting up and off of his flat spot, his head started shaping up.

Tomorrow we will likely have super cute pictures of super cute Ethan to post!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school 2011


Ethan’s first day is Thursday, so his will come then!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What did you do this weekend?

15 weeks ago I set out to complete a triathlon.  Yesterday I did just that. 

I think it may have been March that Doug told me about our local Kenai triathlon.  I was so excited until I found out it was on a Sunday.  I got on the internet and started searching for Saturday triathlons and the Why Not Tri in Wasilla is what I found.  It's over 4 hours away, but still "local" considering our location.  I even looked at flying to Utah so Brenden and I could do a triathlon together.  The Kenai triathlon had a kids' race and I wanted so badly for him to do it.

And so, for the last 15 weeks, I swam, biked, or ran 6 days a week.  I had forgotten how much I loved to swim, developed a new obsession for biking, and a tolerance for running.  I still can't say I love it, but it is what it is.  As I said before, it is a good thing it is light in the summer in Alaska until all hours of the night, because there were many nights that I was out riding my bike at midnight or at the track at 11:30 - because I might be able to out-bike a moose (I doubt it), but I certainly can't out-run one.  Doug gets home around 10:00, so that's about the time my training started.  Next time around, I might opt for getting up early, but I can't guarantee it.

Friday we drove the 4.5 hours to Wasilla, with a stop at REI, the store that my children groan when we pull up to.  (Brenden once told me that I wasn't ever allowed back there because I wasted 3 hours and $400, so now we couldn't buy him any more Pokemon cards.)  We drove the bike and run routes and found the incredibly nice triathlon coordinator to ask all of my questions.  I have heard it said before that triathletes are some of the nicest people on the planet and I truly believe it now.  That night, the coordinator, who had to have been stressed out of her mind, put me at ease and two volunteers, who happen to also be triathletes, looked through my lists and mentally walked me through my transitions.

We found some dinner, headed to the hotel, and then I decided I NEEDED a lap-counting watch, so I went to Fred Meyer at 10:30, when I should have already been asleep.  I found a watch, went back to the hotel, freaked out for a while, and then tried to sleep.  And tried.  And tried.  And tried...  And Doug snored.  And snored.  And snored.  Finally, around 7:00, I got up, showered, had breakfast... and freaked out some more.  Doug dropped me off at 8:30.

I set up my gear like told me (with some help from lots of youtube videos too and the friendly volunteers).  And then I stood there and stared at it while I freaked out quietly inside.  Eventually I asked the girl next to me if she had done a triathlon before and successfully made a friend to spend my day with.  The race meeting was at 9:30, with a start at 10:00.  When you end up with number 330 though, you get to stand around a lot.  Stupid me, I actually STOOD around instead of sitting and resting.

My new friend and I went in search of food around 11:00.  I would come to find out later that this was a bad idea.

I had to be on the swim deck at 1:00.  I waited in line (again, freaking out quietly inside) until there was an open lane and then did my thing, totally forgetting to start my lap counting watch that I HAD to have.  Somehow, in my opinion, I ended up with the worst lane.  It was connected to the diving area and the kiddie pool.  My depth perception was off and I completely missed the wall once on my flip turn.  I was getting waves from both directions and I just felt sloppy.  My swim time was significantly slower than any time in the last 2 months and I was disappointed.  (Actually, I hopped out of the pool, my timer told me my time and instead of nicely thanking her, I said, "Oh, that sucks.")
The swim to bike transition is included in the swim time, which is why I wanted the special watch - so I could keep them separate.  I ran to my bike, got dressed and rode off.  I couldn't get clipped in, I couldn't get my breath, and I couldn't make my legs move as fast as I wanted them to.  Within the first half mile, I was re-tasting my sandwich.  I got into the groove a little over a mile into it and felt pretty good for the most part.  I would like to try a longer bike race someday, 9 miles is about the point where I feel like I am really getting into it.  And then it was over.
I rode back to my transition area, changed to my running shoes, and I was off again.  I really wanted to run the whole thing.  And then I saw people walking and I thought, "That looks really nice, and this is a really big hill."  So, I caved to peer pressure and walked briefly.  I'm not kidding - it was a pretty big hill and the turn around was at the top.  I ran all the way back though.
Along the bike and run, I kept seeing my white suburban drive past, with little people yelling, "Go mom!"  During my first transition, my whole family was standing nearby yelling, "Great job mom, get going!"  Doug pulled off every now and then and hauled everyone out of the car to stand on the side of the road and cheer me on.  During the run, the boys hopped out, gave me high fives, hopped back in the car, drove ahead, hopped back out and gave me more high fives.  I had several people comment on my cheering section.  I couldn't have done it without them.  I know it was a long day for Doug, but it really made my day feel more special to know he was there with the boys rooting for me.  I dressed everyone in orange so I could pick them out easily.  I bought myself a pretty orange bike jersey and decided to call us team orange.  They were such an important part of my team and I love them for all they did for me.
I finished and my kids swarmed me.  They wanted to see my medal and they told me over and over how proud of me they were.
I looked over the results right before I left.  With only maybe 5 people left out on the course, I was 1st in the swim (including the transition), 8th in the bike, and 20th in the run putting me 8th in my age group.  I kicked myself for walking, but I was pretty happy with the whole thing.

We arrived home very tired around midnight.  I walked in the house and the smell of natural gas hit me.  We have smelled it off and on for a while, but as soon as we thought it was bad enough to call someone, the smell would go away.  It was bad enough this time.  We called the gas company and they sent someone out who told us that basically every connection, valve, knob, whatever on the boiler and water heater leak - and probably have for a while.  Even the meter outside was leaking.  He took everything apart and we are without heat (glad it's summer) and hot water until we find a plumber and new appliances.  The joys of home ownership. 

I did sharing time today.  I am tired and now it's early Monday morning and I am not asleep.  Goodnight!