Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Twas Five Days Before Christmas

I went to Brenden with the first line and a half and told him I needed help writing a poem and he took it from there.

'Twas Five Days Before Christmas
by Brenden Boehme - age 8

‘Twas five days before Christmas and all through the house,
The decorations not up and Mom scurried like a mouse.
We went to the Internet to find stockings there,
In hopes that St. Nicholas won’t have to use our underwear.

The children raced around, their faces red,
With the words “HURRY!” and “QUICKLY” stuck in their head.
Mamma insane and I in my thinking cap,
Trying to figure how to decorate in a snap.

Out in the garage there was such a clutter,
I went to find something and started to mutter.
Away to the store we went for some shopping.
The kids slowed me down, but there was no stopping.

There were hundreds, and hundreds of so many rows!
Of toys, trains, candies, and bows!
When, what to my tired eyes should appear,
But the perfect star and our friend, Mr. Deveer!

Just as we finished, my brother got very sick,
And threw up all over the store’s St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, home we came,
But then there it was just more of the same.

We continued to clean and decorate in a hurry,
Then, we decided that it was worth all the scurry.
We made cookies to eat and left Santa some,
We’re all ready now, for the big man to come.

As I fell in bed the world was all right,
Merry Christmas to you and have a good night!

Background: We are in search of the perfect star for our 11 foot tree, we really haven't decorated, our garage is full of boxes containing the Christmas decorations, and Brenden helped me search for stockings online last night.  As for the end, we have not made any cookies and are in no way ready for the big man to come - here's to hoping that our day will end just like Brenden's poem.

**If you would like to comment on Brenden's poem, please follow the link to his blog on the right hand side.  It is called The Good Life.  You can comment there and it will go directly to him.