Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Primary Program

Sunday was the primary program.  Brenden did well.  His class sat in the front row on the stand, so he was visible for all to see.  When we left for church, I commented to Doug, "Let's go watch our son misbehave in front of the whole congregation."  He was very good - for the most part.  He had his part all memorized and was completely clear when he said, "I will live worthy to go to the temple."

Brenden's class all came to the front of the stand when they sang and there was one little boy yelling all of the words.  He was very loud, but very cute and knew all of the words.  Near the end of the primary program, Brenden started to try to box out the little boy and keep him from singing.  A bigger kid helped the little boy find a new place to stand and the singing proceeded.  Brenden then decided to take this little boy by the head and give him a noogey - in front of everyone.  Doug and I totally missed it - we had no idea.  I was informed by one of my seminary students later.

Later that day I was at a baby shower and was informed by half of the people there that Brenden was their dinner conversation.  Oh the joys of motherhood.  Mom, I opened the present.  Quite fitting, thank you.  She gave me a book called, "So you want to raise a boy."  I hope it provides some much needed insight.
This is another joy of motherhood.  I was having a VERY bad day already and the boys were really providing a challenge.  I just needed to few minutes to collect myself, so I took a short break in my room.  I won't go into everything that happened that day, but it was really just one thing after the other.  While I was in my room, Ethan emptied the cupboard of 6 colors of sprinkles and a few spices.  He then proceeded to sprinkle ALL OF them throughout the kitchen.  In the meantime, he spilled Nolan's orange juice, which stained the floor and provided an even bigger mess when mixed with the sugary herbalness.  He and Nolan ate as many sprinkles as they could before I returned.  Note to self: No more time out for mom.
This is the fireweed I mentioned in a previous post.  It is really beautiful lining the roads and highways.

We had 3 moose in our front yard this morning.  The dogs just can't seem to get used to it and try to attack them every time.  Today, Newman followed them and Doug finally had to drive around and go find him, which was not hard if you just follow the barking.

You CAN call me.

There is a nasty rumor going around our family that you are all strictly forbidden from calling my phone.  You can call me - anytime really.  The whole rumor began because Doug has extended evening minutes meaning we have free minutes after 7:00 pm on his phone (9:00 pm your time), but mine is regular evening minutes.  So, Doug's phone is the better way to go if you are looking for us in the evening, but you can call me anytime.  Also, we have a home phone number.  I can't decide how wise it would be to post that on a public blog, but if you want it, let me know.  That one you can call anytime without having to worry about minutes.  So, the rumor is officially dispelled and I can expect more phone calls, right?

Monday, September 29, 2008

My brilliant son

Brenden is in a K/1st split class.  In the class, they have half kindergartners and half first graders.  My intention in putting him in the class was allowing him to do the work with the first graders that he was able to do since he reads at nearly a second grade level, but still allow him to go to kindergarten.  In the class, they strictly split reading groups and math groups by K and 1st, so Brenden was in the K group.  They were learning the letters of the alphabet.  So, the teacher called me one day to see if it would be ok if she put Brenden in the 1st grade reading group.  I said, "Of course!  That is why he is in your class!"  No one seemed to believe me before school started that the kid is like a little genius.  One day I got a call from his deaf ed. teacher informing me that my son was brilliant.  I pretended to be appreciative, but thought, "I told you so!"

So now Brenden is in the 1st grade reading group (and still way ahead of them) and the kindergarten math group.  They are learning to count from 1-10 and how the write the numbers.  Brenden can count BY tens to at least one hundred.  So, I expressed my concerns.

His teacher called me today and I guess they had a special ed. meeting last week and Brenden came up.  Generally, deaf kids are WAY behind, so he is always a topic at the meetings.  This time, Brenden's teacher's concern was not that he was behind, but that he was too far ahead.  He is in kindergarten, but basically IN first grade.  So, she is planning to put him in the 1st grade math group and told me that at the end of the year they are considering "promoting" him.  I had no idea what exactly that meant, but evidently it means that rather than having Brenden basically repeat 1st grade next year, they want to move him right into 2nd grade.  I am excited about it for him, but I could suddenly have a second grader!?  Yikes, the kid is growing up way too fast!

I feel somehow like I am bragging, but in the end, it all comes down to my curious, information loving little (although a head taller than the other kids) boy.  I love that kid!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

We were very productive yesterday. I decided to show "Saturday's Warrior" today in class, so I didn't have to spend the usual 5 hours on a lesson.  We have been cleaning out the garage, getting the boats put away for winter, and filling the green house full of things we don't want to be snowed on.   First I had to remove all of the plants from the green house.   It was very unproductive this year - there were only 2 days the entire summer that it was above 69 degrees (and at that, it was only 70 degrees).  Usually they get great harvests up here with all of the sun, but it was not sunny this summer and rained way more than usual.  We won't be moving the green house (much to my dismay) until next spring.  We put all of our bikes and summer outside toys in there.

I am hoping to convince Doug that the shed that's beyond it's life span needs to be demolished today.  We might have to wear hazardous waste masks to take it down - it is just plain gross, not to mention right outside the boys' window and a very terrible sight.  In its place we want to put in a dog run with a dog door to the garage - then the dogs don't need to come in the house and they can let themselves out whenever they want, but still not wander the neighborhood.  Mom, the garage is heated, don't worry.

Beyond all of that, the house is a disaster.  The things in the garage have been coming in the house and I still don't have a place for them.  Today it is sunny though, so that will be a task for another day. I have found if it's sunny - you better be outside!

We will take down the trampoline today or tomorrow.  I put it on Craigslist and we have had lots of interest, but now that Doug might be home for a few days, he wants to take it down and keep it.  What in the world can you (safely) do with 2 trampolines?

I have visiting teachers coming at 11:00 and a seminary meeting in town (45 minutes away) at 5:00, so we better get to it!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And now I'm even more excited...

Don't tell my kids - it's a secret... Doug will be flying into SLC on Christmas morning to surprise the boys. Since we can't take much of anything with us as far as gifts go, Doug is going to be the big present! Santa might have to drop a few things off here in Alaska to surprise the boys when we get back and I am sure I will do a little shopping in Salt Lake before the big day arrives, but I thought having daddy there would be such fun! (And now I have some help for the flight home!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'll be home for Christmas!

I am so excited! The boys and I will be flying to Utah for Christmas. We leave Alaska December 16th and arrive on the 17th. We will be there until the 30th and arrive home on the 31st. I just bought my tickets and feel like I got a great deal - and non-stop flights at that (they are nearly unheard of). Doug might tag along sometime in there if he can ever peel himself away from work. Mandi, I fully expect to meet up with you during that time! Plan accordingly! (Oh, and the garage comment was mostly for your benefit the other day - a picture WILL COME!)

Yesterday we came home from church to find one of the famous 3 little boys in our house playing Brenden's Leapster. Brenden has now decided to heat the house on high just like Nolan. For a little while yesterday I thought I had radiant floor heat and then realized that no, it was just Brenden's stifling room below me.

It was 36 degrees when I dropped Brenden off at the bus stop this morning. We are finally at 43. Chelan, which of the two is worse, 110 or 36 in September? We warmed ourselves up yesterday with a bike ride, during which I think Cosmo ate someone's goose, he had a fluffy white feather hanging out of his mouth. I drove back to their house to see if he did and there was a dead goose, but no one home to ask them how much I owed - they sell geese, chickens, turkey, ducks, and eggs.

My mom also told me yesterday that she will be here for Halloween. That excites me as well. This morning one of the seminary girls asked me if I was okay. I asked her what she meant and she indicated she meant "mentally" okay. I think they all think I am nuts because I get excited over the little things - like scripture mastery songs.

I feel like this is a random post where I am jumping from topic to topic, but now you understand how the poor seminary kids feel. Maybe I AM nuts!?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super Saturday

No more advertisements, I promise.  Thank you to those of you who purchased something (um, that's you Amy), but I will no longer be telemarketing, or whatever the proper term for the online version is - Doug was not fond of my humor.

Today was tiring.  Doug, after working over 50 hours this week, had to get up early and head out with the scouts to teach them how to canoe, motorboat, and fish.  He was not impressed with the boys' outdoor skills, especially for being Alaskans.  

The boys (mine, not the scouts) and I went rock hunting this morning, which according to Brenden required sticks in order to kill a moose should we see one.  We took Brenden's wagon around the neighborhood and filled it with rocks several times.  Brenden also informed me the wagon was to haul the moose or bear back to the house when we killed it.  I then proceeded to "plant the rocks" - I do not expect they will grow.  I was just trying to spruce up the flower beds which have very obviously been neglected for years.  I am in pain after several hours of digging up rocks and then hauling them around the yard.  I wasn't able to finish because I was also trying to get the yard ready for the first snow which is to be expected in about a month.  I figure rocks are something people desire in flower beds other places and I can get an endless supply for free, so I might as well.  Next week I am hoping, crossing my fingers and praying we can move our green house.  The previous owners kind of just put it in the middle of the yard and I hate it where it is.  I suppose we also need to take down the trampoline if we are going to keep our homeowner's insurance.  The fence bids were too expensive.

The dogs have been eating the fish guts along the edge of the lake and stink.  Not only that, they have been throwing it up in the dining room.  (Doug's mom is currently gagging, I am sure.)  This would not be a problem if we had a normal dining room, but no, it has carpet.  We have only had probably 3 meals at our kitchen table because of our mess making heathens (this time I mean the children) - and that was only because we had company.  Other than that, we always eat at our bar in the kitchen.  So, today, as I was cleaning up after the dogs for the 4,324,567th time, I told Doug I didn't care what the new flooring looks like, we are getting new flooring ASAP, something that wipes up easily.  I am also working on cleaning out the garage so the dogs can live in there - I am ashamed to say it still has boxes in it.  For the first time in our married life we WILL park our cars in the garage.  I just need Doug to be home for more than 10 minutes at a time to help me.  I have a very long list, so Doug, I am guessing you are reading this at work - I'll prioritize that list for you!

As I was vacuuming today, Ethan decided to help me.  He crawls along in front of the vacuum and pushes it backward.  It is so cute, but very frustrating.  I will have to get a video.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Item of the day...

Today's featured item of the day is this fabulous "metal slicing holder."  It slices, it dices, no wait, it does neither of those things...  It holds the food so you too can slice and dice!  Safely slice tomatoes and onions, and more, with this sturdy device that uses a slicing guide and locking mechanism. Dishwasher-safe.  I know, I know, you are all so anxious, but wait, there's more.  As an additional bonus for reading my blog today, you can have the opportunity to purchase this ridiculous looking folding colander.  Cabinet space a problem?  This full-size colander folds flat for easy storage.  Holds up to 5 pounds and features a handy pour spout.  Made of dishwasher-safe propylene.
Have no idea what I am talking about?  I am really trying to keep Brenden from going door to door for his silly (our favorite substitute for "stupid") school fundraiser.  See blog post below.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I keep forgetting...

I think about it all of the time and then get on my blog and forget to mention it.  Plus, I should have a picture.  Are you ready?  Drum roll, please.  Doug SHAVED.  He has been beardless for almost 2 weeks now.  It is really rather odd - it has been a long time since I have seen him like that.  Last month when he had to go to Anchorage for work, they broke the news to him that it is against store policy to have a beard, but a mustache is okay.  Doug would look ridiculous with only a mustache.  He shaved it down to a goatee at the time and it was like that for several weeks.  One evening, he walked out of the bathroom and there was no more facial hair.  I was in shock.  He looks so much younger!  Trudy, I told him he should have done it before the wedding, but I think he loves your reaction to his hairiness.  I wish you could see him now.  You would be so proud...

Gross, Gross, Gross!

Why is it that babies love plungers, toilet scrubbers, and all sorts of cleaners?  Why is it that they MUST play in the toilet, most especially the toilet where someone just "eliminated" and failed to flush?  Why is it that babies must eat everything they come in contact with including dog food and the toys they just used to stir the toilet water?

Nolan just informed me that Ethan is calling China.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I HATE school fundraisers, but Brenden's school is doing one and they win all sorts of cool prizes for what they sell.  (My theory, forget the prizes and the fundraiser and maybe they would even each other out...)  Anyway, if you want to support him, you can shop online at the fundraiser website at www.qsp.com.  Brenden's student number is BOE1 so if you purchase something, make sure you use the number so he gets credit.  The school number is 710312564 and if for some reason I messed that up, the school is called Nikiski Northstar.  The fundraiser is through Reader's Digest and they have decor, magazines (such as O, Better Homes and Gardens, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Parenting, Health, etc. etc. etc. and even some kids magazine), chocolates, your standard wrapping paper (where you get almost nothing for a small fortune - at least with most fund raisers - I haven't looked too far into this one), gift ideas, and other stuff.  To be honest, some of it looks pretty cool (like something you would buy from Pampered Chef).  They even have bulbs (like flowers, not like light fixtures).  You really must check out the pink roadside emergency kit (Sabrina, I think you need this!).
And who doesn't want a duck shaped floss dispenser?  Tell you what, just for you, I will feature an item every now and then.  Lucky you!  

Christmas List

Every year I have people asking me what I want for Christmas - okay, we are not that popular, it is mostly just our parents.  I generally can't remember when they ask me, so I have decided to post it for all to see and leave it up to you to coordinate, or go ahead and give us 4 of the same item - whatever works best for you.

I want a griddle.  We got one as a wedding present, but at the time, cooking for the 2 of us did not require more than one small pan.  Since then, it takes me forever to make enough french toast or pancakes to feed the family and cooking for my seminary class takes an eternity.

Ethan would like Baby Signing Time Volumes 3 & 4.  They should be released in October and can be purchased in a gift set from www.babysigningtime.com (the gift sets are slightly cheaper and come with a free cd). They are usually available for pre-order, but there is no sign of that yet.  I have a 5% off coupon and the code is "hunt."  We already own everything else that Signing Time offers.  I think we might keep them in business.  Now that I posted that, I don't know what I will get Ethan.  He still never got a birthday present because we own one, if not two of every toy.  Doug LOVES to buy toys; sometimes I wonder who they are really for.

Other than that, I will keep you updated.

It has been about 50 degrees everyday.  Colder than I think it should be this time of year, but the whole summer has been abnormally cold.  Yesterday in the morning, my house was about 63, but I am cheap and just bundle up instead of turning on the heater (Doug is the opposite).  I put the boys down for a nap and started working on my laptop.  It heats up quite a bit, so I was beginning to get warm.  I started removing layers.  When I went to pick up Brenden I thought, "Wow, it feels good outside!"  When we got back home, we walked through the door and it was like a heat wave.  I about suffocated.  I took a look at the thermostat and evidently, dear little Nolan had pushed it all of the way up to the highest setting.  So, we paid to heat our house all morning and then I opened all of the windows to try to cool it off - practically throwing dollar bills (or twenty dollar bills as the case will likely be) out the window.  I was literally sweating while making dinner.  We slept with the windows open.  Maybe it was better when the heater was "summerized."  I had heard of winterizing, but never summer-izing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utter Chaos

Today was a rough day with these kiddos.  It has been raining for nearly 2 weeks straight, so we are all feeling a little cooped up.  Brenden has officially placed himself above me on our familial hierarchy.  I know nothing and he doesn't have to listen to what I say - not to mention he "demands" I do what he says.  Everything that comes out of my mouth gets the responses of "Well, my grandma says..." or "Well, Mrs. Thye (his teacher) says..." and my all-time favorite, "My friend says..."  He also has an excuse for everything I ask him to do.  My mom warned me this time was coming, and I knew it was coming myself, but it is not pretty.  I remember thinking my teachers were smarter than my parents... I can't remember how well that went over though.

It is like a circus here.  One kid is pooping everywhere and I can't find the wipes while the other one is sitting on the toilet and peeing on the floor.  Brenden made all sorts of projects today which are now all over the house.  The concept of "clean" is so foreign here.  The only motivation they ever have is when it is finally time for Doug to pull into the driveway and they want to clean for dad.  Yeah, well, that is only because it is beyond bedtime and they think that makes a pretty good excuse.

Our moose friends returned this morning.
I gave Nolan an apple and this was all that was left.  He ate the seeds and all!

Just too cute not to post.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We nearly missed the bus this morning, but it was not our fault.  We were up and ready in time for school, but there were 2 moose between our front door and the car.  We watched them for probably 15 minutes and finally snuck, very quietly, out the garage and to the car - probably only 10 feet from the moose.  When we drove away, we were probably only 5 feet from the moose.  Brenden wanted to ride his bike this morning, but I am glad we were driving because it was raining.  I would have hated to encounter the moose down the street with Brenden on his bike.

The dogs had been barking since about 6:30 and finally, at 7:30 I let them outside and that is how I saw the moose.  Cosmo went right for them and I started yelling and he came back after being chased briefly by a moose.  Nolan and Brenden both thought that we had a pretty exciting morning.

(I didn't go to seminary this morning because Doug is in Anchorage for work, so I had a substitute.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Audiology Woes

Hearing aids require monitoring to make sure the batteries are working and the microphones are clean.  I was checking Brenden's hearing aid this morning and somehow, there is nothing there but static.  I don't know if the audiologist accidentally deleted the programs or what, but now we are down one very powerful hearing aid.  Hope it's an easy fix, but it seems like we are never quite that lucky.  Maybe it is better that she didn't have the cords to hook Ethan's hearing aid up to the computer.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Just give me a degree!

It stinks living in this little place where the only option within a 4 hour drive for an audiologist is one who has no idea what she is doing.  I spent 2 appointments today correcting her on equipment I assume she should be pretty informed on. 

First of all, there is this little sound proof room called a "sound booth" (or silent room as Brenden calls it).  There is a reason they test hearing in these rooms.  It will keep all other sound out and the room itself will not allow sound to bounce off walls or echo.  What good does it do to use the room if you leave the door open?  I could hear the booth fan (which is outside the booth) better than I could hear the sounds in the booth.  Imagine being the poor kid being tested.

She also has no idea how to use my children's hearing aids.  She does not even have the cord to hook Ethan's up to the computer and then I had to show her how to hook Brenden's up.  Just give me the dang Doctor of Audiology degree or don't charge me for the session where I am the one teaching you!  Ugh.

Okay, in her defense, she prefers Phonak to Otocon (brands of hearing aids), so she mostly just does Phonak and my kids both have Otocons, but the booth things should be a no brainer.  Besides, she only tested them at 3 hearing levels, which is far too few to really tell what their hearing is like.  I honestly wanted to ask if I could sit and use the audiometer myself.  

Okay, that is plenty of complaining for today.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We're Doomed!

Things are happening all too early for my children.

Yesterday, Brenden informed me he had a dream about kissing a little girl in his class.  Something about he was saving her from a crocodile... I didn't catch the whole thing, but he was very embarrassed to tell me he kissed her and asked me not to tell anyone.  I am a terrible listener...

Ethan has really taken to throwing temper tantrums.  I am going to catch one on video and post it because you can't help but laugh.  Several years ago there was a home video that won thousands of dollars showing a kid following his parents around and flailing on the floor when he found them.  Ethan is the same, only much younger.  Today he decided to throw a tantrum on the stairs.  He slowly slinkied himself down the stairs while throwing his ridiculous fit (for no particular reason, mind you).

Friday, September 5, 2008

Twlight Zone

Everyone seems to be reading these "Twilight" books.  I broke down today (after being told by numerous people that I HAD to read them) and bought them (FYI Doug - I bought some books on Amazon), so soon I will be in the Twilight Zone.  Even some of the seminary kids have them at school.  My friends from Pocatello had countdowns to the last book on their blogs and everything.  They were shocked to find out I had never heard of the books before.

After reading a little on Amazon, I was surprised to find the author is Mormon.  I had no idea that this book that the world is in love with was written by a member of the church.  Huh... that will add a new look on things when I read the books.

Finally, I wanted everyone to be able to see this video.  A photographer named Mark Mabry has recreated some of the scenes of Christ's life in the most incredible photographs you could ask for.  I especially love the one of Christ's baptism.  I think it better portrays the event than the picture the church puts out.  Okay, I especially like all of them, but my lesson today was Matthew 3 and Luke 3, both of which are the story of Christ's baptism, so I guess today, I am partial.  Check out www.reflectionsofChrist.org for video clips of the making of the photos and another short video.  The display is traveling and will be in Salt Lake October 4-5 in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  It is free, so someone needs to go for me since I can't be there - please. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slow to respond

If you have sent me an email in say... like the last 3 months and I haven't responded, they are still in my "in" box and I will reply... sometime.  Just know, I have not forgotten you and think about needing to do it daily and then something always comes up.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just a few pics...

This is what happens when your husband's co-worker's 7 year old daughter leaves a dirt cup and spoon in front of your 1 year old.

Fun outdoors

Christmas in September

WARNING: I don't mean to offend anyone with this post.

I read this the other day.

Vatican nativity does away with the manger
For 25 years, the Christmas Nativity scene in front of St Peter's Basilica has shown the infant Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem.  This year, however, the Vatican has decided to radically change the scene, shifting it to Nazareth, and placing Jesus in his father's carpentry shop.

When Pope Benedict XVI inaugurates the life-size Nativity scene on Christmas eve, the sheep and hay will be gone.  In their place will be a model of three rooms.  Jesus will lie in Joseph's shop, complete with "the typical work tools of a carpenter".  On one side, the shop will be flanked with a "covered patio", while on the other there will be the "inside of a pub, with its hearth".

The news came in an official statement from the State Department of the Vatican, which organises and builds the giant presepe, or Nativity scene.  The new setting was inspired by two verses in St Matthew's gospel, Chapter 1:24 and 1:25, the Vatican said, which state: "When Joseph woke up, he did as the Angel of God ordered and took Mary into his house. Without them knowing each other, a child was born and he called his name Jesus".

The gospel goes on to mention Jesus' birthplace as Bethlehem, but a spokesman for the Vatican said a decision had been made to place the scene in Nazareth regardless.

"It was time for a change," said the spokesman "and a return to St Matthew's gospel".

The traditional depiction of Jesus in a manger comes from St Luke's gospel, which said there was "no room at the inn".

I guess I just don't understand.  Why - if you know Christ was born in Bethlehem in a stable - would you decide it was "time for a change?"  I don't get it.  The Matthew verses just mean that Joseph married Mary even though she was pregnant - he took her into his house.

My other question: If we know that the wisemen were not actually there at the birth of Christ, but arrived 1 1/2 years later, why are they in the nativity?  Doug figures it is to celebrate the whole thing all at once and he says, "It didn't happen at Christmas either - it is just the celebration."  The scriptures also never specify 3 wise men.  I guess since there were 3 gifts...

Lastly, I always wondered what the point of the wise men was.  I know they came to worship the Christ child.  It finally occurred to me last night that they saved his life.  I guess I hadn't read the scriptures well enough in the past.  Herod told them to find Christ and come back and tell him where he was.  An angel told them not to return to Herod.  They saved his life and in the end - ours.  They were more important than I ever thought.

I don't mean to be all philosophical, but they were just a few points I thought were worth sharing.  

Wood Carving

Doug is really into wood carvings - buying them that is.  This is our collection thus far (plus he has ordered a bear wearing red pants and holding a lantern that really lights up.  He is the size of the big trees).  They are not cheap, so I am hoping he will just pick up the hobby himself.  The previous owners left the chainsaw and there are plenty of logs!

Fence Update:
Unless we get a fence or take down our trampoline, our homeowner's insurance will be cancelled Oct. 4.  They even already sent the refund check.  I might get my fence after all!

For anyone who cares, Nolan has pooped in the potty 5 times today.  Quite the feat for the kid who we thought would be potty trained before the age of two (he religiously peed in the potty before his second birthday and then gave up).  I think he only goes a little at a time so he can get more toys (aka rewards).

I am ready for some visitors.  Who's next?

It has begun

Last night it was dark-ish by 9:00 and this morning at 9:00, it was barely light.  The darkness has begun and I am terrified.  We have a flower here called "fireweed."  It is said that when the first blooms appear, it is summer and when the last blooms fall, it is fall.  The cycle has come and gone and the fireweed leaves have now turned their deep shade of red meaning fall is in full un-bloom.  The leaves are changing and the air has that crisp fall feel.

At Brenden's school, they have what they call the Character Counts six pillars which are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.  They have been learning about them this week.  So yesterday when I picked Brenden up from the bus stop, he was telling me about them.  So then last night his prayer went like this:

Bren: Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for today.  Help me to make good choices tomorrow.  Help me to be trustworthy, caring, responsible and what's the other word?  It's a good one.  It is like being a good listener.
Me: I don't know, just keep praying.
Bren: But it is a good word.  You know it.  We talked about it today.
Me: Respect?
Bren: (back to his prayer)... respectful, and kind.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

It was just too cute not to share.  I love when big words come out of little kids' mouths.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Husband Tag

1.  What is his name? Douglas Grant Boehme
2. Who eats more? him
3. Who said, "I love you" first? me
4. Who is taller? him
5. Who is smarter? him, I don't even come in a close second
6. Who is more sensitive? Me
7. Who does the laundry? Me
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Doug - he sleeps on the side nearest the door (it used to be so he could protect me, now I use it so he has to get up with the kids)
9. Who pays the bills? Me
10. Who cooks more? Me
11. Who is more stubborn? Me
12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Me.  Doug has only been wrong once
13. Who has more siblings? Him (oldest of 6) Me (middle of 3)
14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Doug - and I do everything I'm told...
15. What do you like to do together? Outdoorsy stuff, play with our kids
16. Who eats more sweets? Doug
17. Guilty Pleasures? spending money (I know, now you think I am talking about myself, but oh no, Doug spends WAY more money than I do)
18. How did you meet? At BYU - I was grilling and he thought it was pretty cool to see a girl grilling.
19. Who asked whom out first? Doug asked me.
20. Who kissed whom first? Doug kissed me.
21. Who proposed? Doug - after trying to convince me he was saving money for "shocks" for his car - I was SO mad.
22. His best features and qualities? He is patient, very handy, and the best dad ever.

I tag Mandi, Amy, Emily, Abby, Laurie, Chelan, and JoLynne

Apple Quesadillas

Nolan: I want some apple quesadilla.
Doug: Huh?
Nolan: I want some apple quesadilla.
Doug: Huh?
Erin: He wants some pineapple pizza.
Doug: Oh...

We don't eat pizza much, but we eat quesadillas quite a bit.  Can you tell?