Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cub Scout

I took Brenden to sign up for Cub Scouts yesterday afternoon. It was $18.50 to sign him up. One mom was signing up two kids. She stood there with her checkbook in hand:

The Mom: So, how much do I write my check for? (Proceeds to attempt the calculation in her head - with slight hand movements to indicate carrying the ones.)
Scout Lady: I'm not sure. I was an English major in college. (Kneels down and pulls out scratch paper to work out the problem.)
Several moments pass.
Scout Lady: When all else fails, I pull out my handy, dandy calculator! (Has to cross the room and search though her bag for the calculator.)

All of this for $37! I was ready to scream it from across the room. I hope scouts doesn't require math.

It has been frigid here. I refuse to turn on my heat, so we have been using the fireplace. When we left the house at 9:00 this morning, it was 36. My house was 62.


Celeste said...

That's about like Pocatello mornings lately. It's been too chilly to get out of bed. So Jer turned on the heat one morning and then it was too warm and cozy to get out of bed. Mostly I wish I never had to get out of bed....Hope you have a few more nice days left!

The Porter Family said...

LOL K, I just have to say that I am an English major, too and I'm pretty sure I could do that one without a calculator. hahaha

Koren said...

Gee, I hope those moms weren't educated in Alaska.