Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Brenden held up his end of our bargain and did not cry about missing the party on Friday. He was sad and continually told me he was fine and could go to school - and he was - but it hadn't been 24 hours yet. He slept part of the afternoon on Thursday and was up by 5:30 Friday morning, ready for the day. And - he can now beat me at Mario Kart.

I did take him to the pool Friday afternoon to get his ice cream, free t-shirt and prizes. He was "feeling shy" because he wasn't there with his friends, but was showing up late and feeling un-invited. He gets like that when things aren't as he had planned. He refused to eat his ice cream there with his other friends, so he took it in the car - where he allowed it to melt and then spilled it everywhere. "Mom, my ice cream spilled." "Did you pick it up?" "No, it's still spilling." "Then PICK IT UP!" Brenden is wearing his t-shirt today.

Brenden won the award for the most minutes read in the primary grades. He received $20 to a local bookstore, which we had to promptly leave the party to go spend. He found 5 chapter books rather quickly and it only cost me $.09! He is really into the Secrets of Droon books, which I had never heard of, but when I was reading one with him the other day I was rather entertained. I am going to see if I can find him the whole set because it is hard when you start at book 28.

I realized the other day as I re-read my blog that it is all about Brenden. Well, in my defense, he is the only one of us who leaves the house on a daily basis. Well, Doug does, but his life is less entertaining. Work, work, work, and occasionally fish. So, here are our updates:

Me: I am trying to find time to read. I clean - alot. And do laundry. I have come to realize my family has entirely too many clothes since I have several gigantic piles of laundry - probably 2 weeks worth - and all of the kids still have plenty of clothes to choose from. My garage is almost completely clean and organized. Then comes the storage room.

Nolan: What is there to say about Nolan? He kind of just follows me around talking constantly. When I was younger, my mom was babysitting a 3 year old who followed her around saying, "What are you doing? Why?" I used to wonder why this bothered parents. Why don't they just answer it? Well, it's because you can only answer it 4,324,672 times a day before you go completely insane. Nolan even talks constantly from the 3rd row in the car, where I can barely hear him, but strain to listen because he will just continue to repeat himself until I repeat exactly what he said back to him. At least he is fairly easy to understand. The other day it took me maybe 3 entire minutes to decipher the word lunch - it sounded like "funch" from the driver's seat. I said every combination of letters I could think of that ended in "unch" until he said, "When you eat food, like with dad at work..." Oh, LUNCH! Sometimes I tune him out and just say, "Uh, huh...uh, huh." until I realize that I just agreed to something I didn't really want to. Usually, people are genuinely surprised when my little boy opens his mouth and intelligent words begin to flow. He has picked up Brenden's use of big words and tries them out himself.

Ethan: His new hearing aids are AMAZING! His speech is improving by leaps and bounds. I guess they're not kidding when they tell you that 5 year old hearing aids are archaic. Ethan has begun to jump - and his feet are actually leaving the floor! It is an accomplishment for my balance-challenged little guy. He asks for his diaper to be changed right before he poops. Every time. He has quite the temper. He has taken Nolan and Brenden's bad-mood-habits and combined them to form his own display of anger. I told Doug yesterday that I think that all of my children need anger management. They don't hit much, which is nice, but they do yell and growl at each other quite a bit. I can watch Ethan and think, "Yep, that was Nolan (or Brenden) that just showed up in Ethan." Ethan's favorite book is "Go, Dog, GO!" and he wanders around the house yelling it. We read it at least 5 times a night before bed. His favorite toy right now is Geo Trax. He and Nolan build a new train everyday.

When Ethan got his new hearing aids, we also got him an FM system. It is wonderful. Well, I was also pleasantly surprised to discover it works with Brenden's implants. I was using the FM for Ethan one night and Brenden came from the basement and said, "I can hear you talking." It has come in handy. Brenden was in his room last night and I turned on the FM and said, "Attention Brenden Boehme. Please come clean out the dishwasher. Attention Brenden Boehme." He STILL, after years of FMs, hasn't figured out that although I can talk to him through walls, he CAN'T talk to me.

And that's it. That's us.


Emily Hurtado said...

Halle also requires that we repeat every single thing she says before she will move on with the conversation. Her constant question isn't "Why?", but isntead "What time is it?" She also asks "What are you doing?" and "What's that noise?" Questions, questions, questions.

Landon and Mandi said...

So is your car in the garage?? if so I need proof

Anonymous said...

thats pretty funny that you can talk to brenden downstairs, from the upstairs. were headed out to watch conference at kirstens parents house today this morning she had to go to a hair meeting thing that she was supper upset about because they could have done it on a normal week day but all of the other gal's were too lazy to get out of bed. p.s i believe they are all members. yesterday i went and worked on the neighbors house next to mom and dads to the south. they are moving to wyoming and he asked me if i could do like half of his fix its' so they can sell their house, i asked mom if there was anything that she wanted me to change that i could charge to them haha i fixed their fence siding on the house and took out two stair cases on the deck and replaced it with a new one and closed in the other side, it was rather exciting, friday i took a 2 and a half hour physics test. i dont think it was suppost to take that long but i think the more time i spent on each question i understood it better and understood what it was asking so i hope it went well it was all write on, i have a microbiology thest and an o-chem test on friday before we head down to grandpas to go shoot bambi this year hopefully we at least see something that will be exciting so here is my long comment if you ever find it yea i should just update our blog but i started it so that kirsten could maintain it. however she has only changed my background i have done everything else. i downloaded a bunch of pictures the other day but i did something wrong and they didn't post so that was a little discouraging so i havent updated since anyways check you guys later, ohh yea the log just fell out of the fire and you pick up the buring thing thats pretty awsome your fingers are like felicias arm she burned it with a flat iron and it looks pretty burnt anyways check you guys later i miss you keep up the reading brended your an animal with all those books. i couldn't read a whole book by myself till like the 3rd grade because it was hard to learn how to read for me so it took me a long time to learn to like reading, unfortunatly i only get to read text books but at least they are very interesting to me ochem is a lot better thena general chem. micro is pretty exciting also. the other day in class we were talking about bacteria and milk and it came up that when the milk leaves a cow it is steril because somebody asked how babies dont get pathogens from breast milk or somehting so bro griffith said something to the effect of how first they was the cows uterus and then he was all flustered and the class was a riot then he commented on the cows point of view of what are you doing washing my uterus, then it got back to the udder and how there are a lot of bacteria that come from the outside of the udder and that you wouln'd have to worry about that as a mom unless you go out mud wrestling and then another riot let loose as he told everyone to try and not picture that it was pretty funny he almost just dismissed class you would of had to been there but you get the idea it was funny keep chasing all those moose for me nolan and ethan. later dudes uncle greg