Saturday, September 12, 2009

On our way!

On August 29, Doug's sister Marinda and her son Josh came to stay with the boys while Doug and I went to Cancun. We are forever in her debt. I can't believe I put anyone through watching 4 boys alone for over a week.
On September 1, Doug and I drove to Anchorage and began our long trek to Cancun. Our flight left at 8:20 p.m. and arrived in Houston, Texas at 6:00 a.m. We had a six hour layover so we could go see my brother's family for a little while and fly the rest of the way to Cancun with them.
My brother Dustin and his wife Paulette
Toothless Dylan
Also toothless Kolton
Kolton and Hayden
We hung out with the neighborhood crowd and watched Dylan get on the bus...
... were awed by the three year old bike riding wonder...
... and then flew to Cancun.
We checked into our resort - which was a LONG process of trying really hard to get rooms near each other.
We had this waiting on our bed.
We wandered the resort, checked out the beach, and waited for the rest of our family to arrive. While everyone went to the nightly show, Doug and I went to bed. We figure we were up for about 36 hours.


JoLynne said...

Sounds and looks wonderful...and yes you should kiss your babysitter's feet.

Marinda said...

Wow....that is actually a cute picture of Josh and I. We didn't look that good at the end of the time did we? Your pictures are fun to look at. Too bad I didn't look at them before I left - it was sort of crazy.