Friday, September 18, 2009


Brenden has recently discovered postscripts. There is now a P.S. to nearly everything he writes or says out loud.

"Brenden, put your shoes on."
"P.S. I need socks."

He has to write down one book he reads every day and Tuesday's block says Miss Nelson is Missing P.S. I'm having a bad day.

He also saw that we own the movie P.S. I Love You, so now he says that an awful lot. I love when he discovers new words, phrases, or concepts and tries them out to make sure he uses them in context. He never fails to shock me with his vocabulary. He is developing the vocabulary of a well educated college freshman attempting to impress his english teacher. He is constantly asking me what words mean. I'm going to have to start writing them down because they aren't words most six year olds spout in everyday conversation.

This morning Brenden announced, "A scientist who studies microbes is a microbiologist and a scientist who studies volcanoes is a vulcanologist." I had to look up the vulcanologist to verify and as always, he was right. When I told him his dad used to be a microbiologist, he was shocked that anyone would give up that profession! He thinks Uncle Jim is even more cool than he ever was before.


Amber said...

Brenden cracks me up! What a character. I hope he's enjoying 1st grade.

Amber said...

p.s. he reminds me of Nathaniel

The Boehme Family said...

Amber, I love that you added a P.S. Yes, Brenden reminds me of your Nathaniel stories, but Brenden doesn't know what DNA stands for or the latin names of flowers.

Anonymous said...

Brenden is amazing and Nolan and Ethan are right on his heels. It is great when they absorb like little sponges! P.S. We love you guys--Gma and Gpa Boehme