Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Four year ago today...

... I was at Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City like this:  (VERY pregnant)

and trying so hard to be brave for my little boy.

He spent most of the rest of the day throwing up, fighting with us,

or watching cartoons - which made him throw up.

But it only lasted a day...
(Can you see how swollen his head is?  Not really in this picture, but trust me, it was!)

... and then he was back to himself.

4 days after surgery:
(He's still supposed to have compression and bandages, but he wouldn't leave them on - which is why he has a gigantic scar today that his hair doesn't grow over.  The marker on his cheek is so they made sure to do the right ear.

2 days later:

And less than a month later, Nolan joined our family.

Isn't it incredible how much Ethan and Brenden look alike?  Also, I told you back when I blogged about Brenden's new implant in March that I would show you how different the incisions are.
A few hours after surgery:

I'm glad he's done, I don't look forward to Ethan's, but it will be so much better for him.  Ethan's incisions will be like Brenden's second implant, so hopefully this time we don't end up calling or making as many, if any, trips to the ER.


Alicia J said...

That first picture is so sad. It's hard to be the brave mom sometimes. Your boys are so lucky to have you!

The Boehme Family said...

Alicia, it's 1:30. You should be in bed!

Landon and Mandi said...

I honestly thought it was Ethan!! I had to look twice. That was a busy time for you.

John Zakimi Kelly said...

Oh Erin. I don't know how you do it. ER visits kill me. Isaac has really broken me in on them. Heis only 10 months old and we have been there twice with him. My heart was breaking for you in that 1st picture.

Angeline and Matt said...

You look beautiful pregnant by the way, and yes, I think he's an adorable little boy! It's hard to believe he's in 1st grade now! Your a great mom and I admire you...

Anonymous said...

that is the very day I decided I never wanted to have children. that was the worst day ever - sabrina