Monday, January 11, 2010


Me: Nolan, what are you watching?
Nolan: Out-of-gas-car.

Brenden went back to school last Monday.  He is happy to be back, I think.  Sometimes I am really glad he's back too - his friends have seen me in only a towel twice now when he lets them in while I am in the shower.  It is nice to know he's in school when I shower these days.  Hey, at least I was wearing a towel.

Ethan was back to physical therapy last week too.  Today I spoke with another speech therapist about doubling up on his speech services.  A new cochlear implant authorization is processing - including the speech eval showing he hears, understands, and produces almost nothing.

Nolan went back to gymnastics last week.  He and I sat down and made our January and February calendars and now he knows exactly which days are gymnastics and exactly how far until his birthday.  I am trying really hard to get him caught up on all of the educational things he has missed out on by being the second and only hearing child.  I love him to death and never intentionally neglect him, I promise.

I have another camera dump coming up.  Stay tuned.  I've discovered I missed a lot.


Alicia J said...

This made me laugh so hard. Out-of-gas-car = hilarious. And having Brenden's friends see you in a towel? I'm glad it was you and not me!

Leacayoungart said...

So cute. What is a camera dump?