Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Leaca's Pictures

12/21  Doug wasn't off work when I went to the airport in December.  Nolan went to stay with Leaca while Brenden, Ethan, and I flew to Anchorage.

12/30  The Young family came for sledding and dinner.
First we tried the HUGE icy hill

Raquel had a rough first run

As did Rusty

Ethan and I watched and laughed

Nolan usually ends up backward somehow

Ethan sat on the hood of the Young's car and watched

And then it was his turn

The problem with sledding is the walk back up

This is Rusty - Nolan thinks it is SO funny that his name is Rusty.  He always has to point out that Rusty is his Grandma's dog's name.  Rusty helped Ethan up the hill.

We went back to the hill by our house and Doug and Gordon got out the snow machines/mobiles, whatever your locality refers to them as.
All Ethan wanted to do was ride.

This is how Doug braves the winters here in Alaska - shorts and boots.

Leaca parked at the top to give us light.  Doug parked the snow machine at the bottom.

Gordon dragged Raquel back up the hill with her snowboard still attached.

I just think this picture is cool.

We went home and ate dinner and then played.

The boys were patient during the setting up.

All boys - even the big ones - like the Big Loader.

Nolan found a bag of Jelly Bellies in the Young's car

and tossed them for Raquel to catch.

Rusty might need his own Big Loader.

We had a very fun night with the Youngs and look forward to doing it again.  I was glad Leaca documented it so well.

The Christmas post is below.  It's long.

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