Thursday, October 14, 2010

Grocery induced stupor

I made it almost 4 whole weeks without ever stepping foot in a grocery store thanks to my fabulous husband, wonderful mother-in-law, stupendous sister-in-law, and food storage.  I think I might have gone longer than that, but it is not documented - basically I never left my house at the end of my pregnancy.  Today was my first trip for groceries in a long time and Cameron and Ethan were complete angels.  Ethan stayed with me and was super helpful (a little too helpful at times - I found more than a few items he silently added to the cart).  Cameron slept the whole time.

I don't get it.  Every time I go to the grocery store, I put great effort into making sure that my produce is all together, cans, frozen food, dairy, boxed items, etc. in hopes that it will be bagged together.  I would assume this would be easier for the bagger and of course, it would be easier for me when I get home and need to put groceries away.  Why can they NOT be bagged that way?  Like, ever?  Why is it necessary to mix produce and canned goods?  I understand the need to put a loaf of bread or a bag of chips on top of heavier items, but really?  Why do I want my frozen shrimp in a bag with my muffin mix - and in a completely different bag than the other bag of frozen shrimp?  I just don't get it.

And that's my soap box for the day.

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Amy said...

I have that problem too. I always organize my groceries on the check-out conveyor belt, and when I get home, I have 2 packages of mac&cheese in one bag, and another package in a different random bag, even though they all got to the cashier/bagger at the same time. Stuff is always mixed up.