Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just pictures

Doug has selected the following photos to sum up the last two weeks or so.
Doug is always on the look-out for caribou...
... and moose.
Lightning McQueen is Ethan's love in life.
Ethan's form of raking leaves.
A final boat ride for the year.
Ethan and Nolan had grandma wrap them up in ace bandages several times a day.
This was October 3.  Today, October 17, we have absolutely no leaves on our trees.
Doug saw a pair of swans and three cygnets as he was taking Nolan to school one day.
The camouflage cast.
Enlarge this picture to appreciate just how handsome my Nolan is.
Doug and Ethan sweeping leaves.
Time for winter - the boats are out of the water.

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