Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Guest Room/Nursery

I have wanted to finish another bedroom in our basement for a long time , but it would cut 1/4 out of the boys' playroom.  When we found out we were having visitors for 8 weeks it became more of a priority.  Then when we found out we were going to have an addition to our family, the need for another room became more urgent.  We tried to figure out how to fit a baby into the space we already had, but Brenden's room has no space for a crib and Nolan and Ethan already share a room - we had 3 boys in one room in Idaho and I didn't want to do it again.  Before we left Idaho, I bought new bedding for our master bedroom, but then my mom bought us bedding that I loved so much more and so the bedding I bought sat in our closet for two years unused.  This new bedroom was the perfect spot.
And since I am kinda crazy like that, I needed a matching bed for little Eva when she came.  My friend Tiffany gave us this cute red bed and I bought a twin duvet on Amazon (for WAY cheaper than I could have bought coordinating fabric - AND it matched!) and cut it apart.  I even made matching sheets.
Ethan has recently decided this is his bed of choice.

And then crazy really set in when I decided to make my own crib bedding - skirt, bumpers, and sheet.  The little bag hanging from the crib is for pacifiers - there is nothing worse than crawling around in the dark looking for a pacifier, which is usually between the wall and the crib.  Pacifier storage will (hopefully) save the day.

The room has a little weird spot between Brenden's room and our storage room that we discovered was the perfect size for a mini-crib. 
 So then I needed a matching mobile.
 I bought a mobile and took it apart.  My mom bought and saved us all a huge collection of Beanie Babies when we all lived at home.  Some of mine have finally found their purpose in life.

My final crazy attempt was a contoured changing pad cover.

Doug and his brother Jeremy created a solution to our biggest problem - a door for the room.  One side of the room has double pocket doors open to the play room (and will someday have built-in shelves), but the other side has a four foot opening that we needed to keep four feet.  And therefore the four foot door was created.
When it comes time to sell our house, this room will be listed as an office because it has no window, but it makes a perfect bedroom for us.  The room is a long way from our bedroom - like almost directly under it (good for guests, bad for babies), so Doug and I will probably move down there for a little while until Cameron sleeps through the night.  Doug loves the mattress and hates our king mattress, so he is eagerly awaiting the day we move down there.  It still needs some decorating and paint, but for now, this is our guest room and nursery all in one.


Celeste said...

It is a fabulous room with beautiful bedding - great job Erin! (And that is a really great mattress!) I know your 8 week visitors really appreciated all you did to make such a nice bedroom ;)

Alicia J said...

Okay, I'm officially impressed (not that I wasn't before). You are one crafty woman! The crib bedding turned out so cute. And the four foot door - genius. If you and Doug ever run out of projects to do at your house you can come visit us for a while.

Anonymous said...

What a cute room! That door is amazing.

Emily Hurtado said...


The Porter Family said...

That looks gorgeous! Feel free to come decorate my home anytime. :D

Nola said...

Amazing! I love the bedding and decor. I pretend that one day I will decorate our house, but I think I will always be too cheap.
I love the idea of a beanie baby mobile. Perfect!!!

Koren said...

I'm so glad to see the sewing machine is being put to use. Although I'm going out to buy a new one today, I no longer regret that my old one ended up in Alaska. I just knew those Beanie Babies would come in handy someday. Want some more?