Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monster Cupcakes

Friday the boys and I made monster cupcakes.  We had fun experimenting.
These didn't quite turn out.
 *Note to readers: do not attempt to use "whipped" frosting from a can for this project.  It is runny and sticky when you heat it.
Sunday I attempted to re-try the purple cupcakes that hadn't turned out.  After seeing what fun I was having, Doug joined in.  He's the crafty sort.
Now we have a lot of cupcakes.  Please come eat them.


LA Law said...

Those are so cute. I would ask for directions but I won't be able to get them to look as cute as yours!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome!

munyer jerk chicken said...

I also won't be able to get them to look as cute as yours... but I'm going to ask for directions/ recipe anyway!

I love your latest post, too. The big belly buttons - that's classic. The pictures of the boys in the leaves - love them. And the time out to your room... you do have a good husband.

Angeline and Matt said...

Cute cupcakes girlie! You are totally into halloween to do that for no reason:)