Friday, December 12, 2008

Catching up

I had my seminary students over last night for a pizza party.  It was really fun - we ate, had a white elephant gift exchange, watched a movie, played pool, and played Boxers or Briefs (although the name of the game concerned the mother of 2 students).  My neighbors called the State Troopers on one of my students because she parked in their driveway.

Doug's co-workers will be here Saturday evening for a Christmas Party.  Traditionally they go to a bar, but this year we are throwing a family friendly, alcohol free event.

The kids and I fly to Utah in 4 days!  I am excited for the break from seminary and the chance to see our family and friends.

Sometimes I really enjoy living in Alaska.  Where else can you experience a bright, full moon in the middle of the day and sunrises like this every morning?
When we drove to Anchorage over Thanksgiving, it was a beautiful, white drive.  I thought nothing could compare to the drive in the summer, but the winter drive is just as beautiful - in a very different way.  We were able to see the tide go out, which was amazing by itself.  Alaska’s most famous bore tide occurs in Turnagain Arm, just outside Anchorage.  It climbs up to 6 – 10 feet tall and can reach speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour.

It is amazing to me that here, a tiny branch of a tree can have 3 inches of snow on it.  It snowed it Idaho, but was so windy that the snow couldn't stay on the branches.  It makes things even more beautiful to see the trees like that.

I also love to get packages (even when they aren't for me).  We have gotten lots of packages lately and loved every one.

I look forward to living close to family again, but for the time being, I am trying to have a positive outlook on this new, beautiful place I live.  I had a few comments that people will be interested to see my posts in 6 months when we still have snow.  I never said I love every minute, but I am trying to stay as positive as possible.

I find my children ridiculously cute:
I look at this picture and see a much older boy that the one sitting on the couch in front of me.

While my sister was here:
My dogs received a little more love
(Jared and Fudge)
The kids exhausted themselves
Ethan was allowed to throw things
Halle was just darn cute (and refused to speak to or look at me the entire time she was here, but fell in love with Doug)
We went sledding... 
(Emily hauling Halle back up the hill)
We went snowmobiling... 
(Jared and Halle)
Jared went off on his own and made Halle cry...
We played pool...
Harry Potter came to visit
I gained 5 pounds - I generally do not make, buy, and/or eat junk food, but all inhibitions were tossed out the window.  I am now fighting with the scale and losing the battle.  I feel a New Year's resolution coming on...
(peanut butter balls, brittle cookies, hopscotch, and oreo balls - which Jared made)
Halle and Nolan watched Little Einsteins (which Nolan fell in love with)
Emily made hair bows
I made hair bows
The boys hunted and slaughtered a tree
And then they had to go home.  We were sad to see them go, but will see them again in less than a week!  I took a break from cleaning (and any other daily task I usually do) while they were here and just enjoyed our time with them.  It got a little out of hand and all had to be caught up when they left, but was worth it.

Our Christmas tree all set up, all 12 feet of it (and tied to the wall for added security)
Dec. 5 - Decorating the tree.
Dec. 7:
Ethan got a belated birthday package from Sabrina and Felicia.  He LOVES his dinosaurs and Nolan is totally jealous of the pajamas.  Go ahead, try to convince me they are NOT the cutest PJs on the planet.  Modeling on the runway:
Dec. 12 - We got a package from Jim and Linda this morning with these darn cute bears for the boys and a CD for Doug and me.  Thanks guys - we'll see you soon!
We are ready for Christmas!  The good thing about having such a big tree is that instead of hanging our Christmas decorations on the walls, we hung them on the tree and they don't look out of place.

A while back I posted about my mold problem in one of my Christmas totes.  I cleaned it out, but didn't discover the problem until a few days ago.  Last year Trudy (my mother-in-law) gave me a very cute musical Santa snow globe.  The music never worked, but there wasn't a replacement at the store.  We boxed it up and when I opened it this year, I discovered there was no water in it.  My guess is it was leaking when it was given to us (flooding whatever made the music) and then just emptied itself into the Christmas tote.  The only thing I lost that was of much value to me was my manger and some ornaments (well, AND the snow globe).  The other things in the box were either plastic and washed up ok or things that I liked too much to get rid of, but never really loved.


Anonymous said...

And where else could you have a tree that tall? What a beautiful tree and view!!

Emily Hurtado said...

Did you use the ginormous ornaments? I can't tell by the pictures. LOVE the decorated tree, it's beautiful!! See you in 6 days.

The Boehme Family said...

Yep, we used like 6 boxes of them and the tree still kind of looks empty. It also has wreathes, stuffed animals, and wall hangings on it. Our regular ornaments (from years' past) are on there to fill it in a little, but they look tiny. The ribbon finally helped.