Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nuttin' but bad

My kids are getting nothing for Christmas.  NOTHING I tell you.  They are naughty.

This morning when I went to tell Brenden good morning, he was in the shower.  I looked at him and his hair looked a little odd, but I thought maybe it was just partially wet.  Upon further inspection, I discovered several bald spots.  That which I had hoped only happened to people with little cosmetology bound girls had happened to me.  I asked Brenden if he had cut his hair and of course, the answer was no (he has become quite the little liar these days).  I told him someone had cut his hair and I wanted to know who and he finally confessed.  He missed the bus because I was trying to give him the best little army buzz cut I could, all the while threatening to call Santa and let him know exactly what had just happened.  He still has some odd bald spots.

Nolan has taken to being the authoritative big brother.  He freely steals toys and trips Ethan.  When I show my displeasure in his actions, I am greeted with a growl, and scowl, and usually a slap.  What happened to the sweet Nolan who used to live in this house?

Ethan has learned Nolan's tricks - as well as Brenden's.  He is currently covered in green marker, with glue stick in his teeth, but luckily no buzz cut.  Where have I gone wrong?

I was ready to bawl yesterday while watching my misbehaving kids in church.  Last night while we were praying, Brenden was attempting to slowly sneak off to play with his toys, Nolan was talking, and Ethan was being a one year old.  Again, where have I gone wrong?  Be concerned for my sanity.

I have been frantically packing for our trip to Utah.  The Leapster, DVD player, my laptop, cell phone, and iPod are all charging and the last load of clothes is in the wash.  I am going to miss this winter wonderland, but I am so excited to see my family and for the kids to play with their cousins.

We had "Christmas" on Sunday.  The kids didn't get a whole lot, but it was really fun to just slowly open presents and play with them for a little while and then open another and play for a while.  Doug and I didn't get each other anything, but watched the kids and really enjoyed ourselves.  Ethan wasn't at all interested in any sort of present opening - not even when we opened it for him and he saw it was a toy.

I always thought trees were supposed to be green...

Isn't that incredible?  That is frost, not snow.


Anonymous said...

Yipee for boys! I haven't been able to be around you guys a lot (we really need to live closer) but I'm positive you are an AMAZING Mom! I feel the same way sometimes and I only have ONE boy and he's just a little over a year old! Sounds like the trip to Utah will be a fun break! Be safe and have a great time!

Jeremy said...

Erin just remember that this too shall pass, and here soon none of them will be in the house. Just ask Trudy what we as boys did to her when we were young! Talk about trying someones patience.

Nolo and Lauren said...

As far as your winter wonderland, although it's nothing like Alaska we've been getting a fair amount of snow the last few days. It's supposed to continue snowing through the holidays as well. Have a safe trip down here.

JoLynne said...

I have made the same threat "That's it-I'm writing a letter to Santa!"-about ten times a day lately...and soon they will be out of school for two weeks...aahhh. I asked Tyler to take the day off after Christmas to have a 4 day weekend and he said...why...to be tormented by these crazy kids all day? (he has been off for the last few days and I have been off on shopping sprees, sometimes gone for a LONG time-my excuse is having to drive in this winter wonderland too) And I love those pictures of the trees. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Kenai Alaska Or Bust! said...

Erin, lumps of coal are found all over the beach in Homer....!lol Our son turns 18 in 5 days. Some people say they can't wait until their kids are out. I wish he would hang around longer...makes us sad to know he may be going out on his own soon. Love it all while you can....even the tomfoolery!! They grow up all too fast. Hang in there and have fun! Merry Christmas.

Kristen said...

Erin I will have to share your strife with Todd! He is so convinced that we have the ONLY children that misbehave and try our patience. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone and my children aren't the only one's who misbehave at times. Hang in there and remember the good days. :)