Monday, December 22, 2008

Having Fun!

We are having so much fun!  Thursday my mom and I left the kids with my dad (poor man) and shopped and went out to lunch and went to see Glen Beck's "The Christmas Sweater."  Friday we waited around all day to see if we would make it to my little sister Emily's house for dinner.  It was snowing pretty hard, so we decided against it.  My mom and I did make it to Wal-mart though (quite the treat to me since I don't have one near me in Alaska).  Saturday my dad and I went to Emily's house for lunch and left Nolan for a sleep over.  See her blog for details.  

Sunday my brother Dustin and his family arrived.  These 6 boys can make quite a racket!  They are having the time of their lives.  Dylan heads out into the snow the minute he wakes up (even before he is dressed).  We have commented how funny it is that they immediately split up into age groups.  Dylan is 6 months older than Brenden and Hayden is 4 months older than Nolan, so they have split themselves accordingly and play together so cute.  Ethan just tries to fit into one of the "big boy" groups as well as he can and Dustin's baby Kolton just rolls around on the floor.  We made gingerbread houses last night.

I have threatened emailing Santa more times than I can count.  We found out that Grandpa has Santa's email address, so the kids have been very concerned about whether or not I have been on my email today.

My mom got a fancy new camera for Christmas, so we have been taking pictures.  I need to find her card reader and then I will have pictures to share.

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