Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're baaaaack!

After another long night of flying, we're back home. We left Utah later than planned last night and arrived in Anchorage close to 1:00 this morning. A poor little boy on our flight was very sick and spent 90% of the flight in only underwear while his mom and dad and all the flight attendants ran around feverishly trying to keep up with the vomit and the smell. Our flight from Anchorage to Kenai was at 4:30, but everything, including the gate, was closed when we arrived in Anchorage. We sat around in the terminal (where I incorrectly thought the kids would sleep) until 3:30 when we checked our bags and went down to the gate. The flight is only 17 minutes, but in that time 2 of the kids fell asleep. We were in the tiniest of tiny planes, which was really rather fun.

It was -26 when we arrived this morning. It took Doug's truck probably a good 45 minutes to warm up before we put the kids in it. There was a foot of snow on the windshield The airport is right by Safeway, so we stopped to get milk. I tossed it in the back of the truck and it was frozen when we got home.

When we got home, Brenden was ready to romp and play, but much to his dismay I made him lay down. Ethan was thrilled to be in his bed and Nolan didn't fight (which is saying a lot for putting Nolan to bed). Doug and I made it to bed around 7:00 (and mom, the dogs made it home before I fell asleep, so they didn't freeze to death - I know you were worried). It was a short day by the time I woke up at 1:00 and it was light and then 2 hours later it was dark again.

Our router isn't working for some reason, so I can't use my laptop, which is where all of our Christmas pictures are. I spent a while today getting them ready to post only to discover that I can't connect to the internet. Doug blames the internet connection on the fact that I have a Mac, but I doubt it. I was on my mom's internet for 2weeks and I wonder if my internet connection to my router was messed up. I will keep working on getting it up and running and then you will be overwhelmed with pictures from our trip.

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