Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ethan's Appointment

Ethan's speech therapist sits like this when she comes:
Ethan tripped over her legs, smacked his chin on the coffee table and bit his lip - inside and out. He bled everywhere, but the orange is from the popsicle I gave him to help the swelling.
Two teeth through the outer lip...
... and a few through the inside.
This is how it looks today - two days later.
In the Anchorage airport:
Ethan had an audiology appointment today. As of three weeks ago, we were only planning on giving him a cochlear implant on the right side. The hearing in his left ear wasn't great, but it was good enough not to implant him. Today's results show the hearing in his left ear is gone. It has disappeared over the last three weeks. His hearing aids are giving him little to no help. The audiologist is beginning the authorization for bilateral implantation and we will verify the left hearing loss in a few weeks.

The plane to Anchorage has 2 seats on each side with 5 seats in the back row. There are only about 10 rows. Waiting in the airport, there were 2 felons in orange and yellow jumpsuits and handcuffs. They boarded the plane first. Ethan was one of two children on the flight. The other mom and I were the last to board with our kids and can you guess what the only seats left on the plane were? The row directly in front of the felons. So nice of the other passengers to put the small children between themselves and the possible danger.

On the way back, the flight attendant would not let Ethan sit in his own seat. She told me he was too small and must sit on my lap. And why then is he required to purchase a ticket? Also on our trip, I got frostbite on two of my fingers.

This one's for Mandi: (she says she won't believe it until she sees a picture!)
Grant and Greg, thank you, thank you for the shelves. They aren't quite beautifully arranged yet, but you WILL get your picture!


The Porter Family said...

Sad! Poor Ethan. That is really dumb that they make you pay for a ticket, then don't even let him have his own seat. Stupid flight attendant. ;)

Emily Hurtado said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, those pics of Ethan are so sad. I can't believe his two little teeth went all the way through like that. Poor little guy.

Anonymous said...

The garage has been located! And the poor boy, I hope he heals fast. As far as surgery, keep us posted! Best of luck with the insurance and the hoops! Jamie

Anonymous said...

holy smokes ethan you almost ate your lip for lunch, and it looks pretty frosty in the garage, i only had a minute to look at the pictures because im actually late for my sunday morning meetings and your thinking then why are you taking the extra time to type this haha yea im late so what does a few extra minutes matter right? yea thats awsome you can park in the garage because doug had said you had a bit of a cold spell these last weeks, dad and i fixed the cow water'er yesterday and it was cold and snowy but we managed, i talked to jenifer boehme about when you visited her when you did implants the other year and she said that she was expecting to see you some time again soon i guess pretty soon for ethens ears, anyways you guys have a good sabath day well check you later Greg and Kirsten

The Boehme Family said...

It's not frosty in the garage, my car is just REALLY dirty.