Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Snow at last!

It finally snowed. I know, you thought I wouldn't be looking forward to it, but it is better than the barren scene we've had for a while with no real fun outside. We did go down to the lake on Sunday and throw rocks. Sometimes they would go through the ice and create an air pocket under the ice and other times they would skip across the ice, making the most incredible noise. I can't even describe it. The best little tinkling sound came from a handful of tiny rocks.

We had initially gone down to the dock to retrieve the motor off of Doug's little boat. The big one has been "packaged" for the winter - he lovingly wrapped it in tarps, folding them nicely so it looks like a gift - okay, I think it looks like an arc, but whatever. There was no ice in front of our dock, so Doug decided to just drive the boat around to the boat launch. He got about half way there and hit the ice. He had a good time breaking through the ice, but it doesn't sound so good when a small ice burg hits the propeller.

There was no snow on the forecast for the week as of Sunday, but today it says we should have snow for the next three days. The little boys will be so excited when they wake up! We have to head into town and look for new snow pants for Brenden. The ones that he is wearing from last year look ridiculous!

I painted part of the rest of the kitchen yesterday, but I HATE the color, so I will start over today. I like the color, just not with the yellow wall. The color is called "warm muffin," but it looks like I painted a pastel yellow wall next to my bright "squash" wall. What's with the food names for the colors?

Have a wonderful day!

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