Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy (Early) Anniversary to Me!

THAT is what Doug got me for our anniversary! Isn't is cute? I am so excited! It has some of the coolest features and is teeny tiny, but takes the most beautiful pictures! It has a huge display (considering the teeny tiny-ness of the camera) and it knows which direction you are holding the camera and flips the pictures accordingly. The zoom is amazing! The "auto" feature recognizes what you're taking a picture of, so, for example, it will focus on the person's face and tell you it is taking a portrait. But most of all, it's so cute! My little camera has been dead for a while now, so maybe now you'll get more pictures on the blog - and a video or two besides.

Poor Doug - he got new tires for his truck for our anniversary. I can't afford anything beyond that. They are NOT CHEAP! If you've seen the size of them, you understand. Nolan refers to Doug's truck as "the monster truck," if you need a visual.

The painting is... frustrating. Jared - I don't sit around and stare at my walls. It is kind of a "catch a glimpse and shutter at the site of them" thing going on. Really, they are bad. I hate them. I think I am on paint color #5, which is a custon mix created by Doug.


Chelan said...

Is it orange too like the picture?? Isn't your fav. color orange??? I thought I remembered that about you...anyways...good choice Doug! :-)

Angeline and Matt said...

have you considered a deep red? I would think that would be beautiful against the yellow.

Angeline and Matt said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary! How many years is this for you guys?

The Boehme Family said...

Yep, it's orange! And yep, it's my favorite color. My ipod is also orange - from back in the day when they were VERY FIRST coming out in colors. Doug is too good to me!

Angeline - I am painting the walls on either side of the fireplace red, so I didn't continue it into the kitchen. Not that it hasn't crossed my mind a couple of THOUSAND times, but I wondered if maybe it was too much in a room where you can see just about every wall. I have the deep red paint and everything. Also, it is the color of my room, which you can see from the kitchen - and the front door.

9 years on Wednesday!

Alicia J said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Boehme Family said...

Thanks, Alicia! You are so good at remembering things like birthdays and anniversaries.