Monday, July 12, 2010


Last week Brenden started a club.  He had sign up forms that we all had to sign and he even faxed one to Doug at work to see who wanted to sign up.  He came to me and asked me what a president does.  I told him that the president of the club would make decisions and tell the other members what to do.  He announced that he was the president, to which Nolan responded that he wanted to be president.  Brenden made Nolan the vice president and told him that the president tells the vice president what to do and the vice president tells everyone else what to do.

Today the boys were outside playing and I asked them to come clean up their Legos and then they could go back out and play.  In the process of cleaning, Nolan told me I needed to come help.  I responded that I was cleaning the kitchen and they needed to do the Legos.

Nolan: Brenden, you're the president, tell mom she has to come help.
Brenden: But I'm not the president of this house, just of our club.
Nolan: Who is the president of our house?
Me: Dad is the president and I am the vice president.
Brenden: No, mom, you're definitely the president.


The Porter Family said...

HAHAHAHA LOVE it! Glad they know who's boss. :D

Anonymous said...

That's great!

LA Law said...

Too cute!

Anonymous said...

hey I am so glad that you finally updated your blog! now its my turn-haha! Greg and I loved this blurp and we think its great that you wrote it down for the future! your boys are super cute!
Greg & Kirsten