Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update 1

I am only adding this update for my own personal future use.  It's long... Feel free to skip it, and the next 800 posts.  (When I say that, I don't really mean it.  I want you to read it, but I am giving you an "out.")  Doug told me I should just categorize all of this by month.  It is so outdated it is ridiculous.

3/19/10  Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's house
The cousin train
3/27/10 Brenden had a last minute birthday party since I was going to be out of town for his birthday.
Pokeball Pizza
Doug is our resident face painting expert
Pin the power on the pokemon
A game that made at least 3 people cry
Pokeball cake
The next day Ethan and I flew to Seattle for his cochlear implant surgery.

3/29/10 Seattle Children's Museum
Ethan LOVED the Seattle Children's Museum.  We walked there from our hotel and spent at least 4 hours there.  If you ever have the chance, please go there.
Fun with water
Who knew ping pong balls and a vacuum could be so fun!?
By far, the best part of the whole place was the grocery store.
The bakery workers were working pretty slow.  
Ethan waited patiently.
We spent a long time on the bus too.
There are an awful lot of things there that we didn't even get pictures of.  I'm telling you... GO THERE!

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The Porter Family said...

That looks like a fun place to visit. I can't believe Brenden is 7 already. Wow! They grow so fast. :)