Sunday, July 11, 2010

Update 3

This is my 3rd try at this post.  I am starting to get mad.

4/4/10 Easter
The Hunt
The dye wasn't even dry before Nolan was eating every egg in sight.
Brenden painted ceramic eggs.  (Ignore the Christmas wreath in the background... it came down sometime in May...)
And what is Easter without these?
I love when I walk in the living room and find this:
He might be stinky and hairy, but he sure is cute.
4/20/10  Cleaning out the dishwasher requires standing on the counter (Brenden had just gotten down) and it does not require pants (no, Brenden isn't wearing any either).
4/24/10  New TOY!
4/30/10  Pinewood Derby
Brenden's was one of the few cars not painted by a parent.
He did well, but was disappointed that he didn't win a trophy.
5/16/10  Doug went to school with the author of this book (Jessica Day George - Dragon Slipper) and took this picture to send to her.  (Does it imply that her book put my child to sleep or that he loved the book so much he couldn't put it down and fell asleep reading it?  I guarantee the latter is the case...)
I am a slave driver...
Still instituting slavery...
5/29/10  Doug's Birthday
For his birthday, Doug decided to pick up an extra shift in Homer.  
While he worked
the kids and I played.
Poor Doug was so sick that he didn't even eat his birthday dinner.

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The Porter Family said...

That's too bad about Doug's birthday. I am all about child slave labor, too. Aren't they the ones who make the messes anyway? :) But I love the dishwasher picture. There's one for the future girlfriends. haha