Monday, July 12, 2010

Up to date!

I think that (for the most part) my blog is officially up to date!

Brenden and Nolan are both in soccer.  I need to get some pictures because they are both so cute in their soccer uniforms.  The first game mostly consisted of them dancing all over the field and I wondered why I didn't just spend the money on dance lessons instead of soccer, but since then they have both gotten into the game quite a bit more.
Nolan is still in gymnastics and loves every minute of it.  He is actually becoming very good.

Ethan is doing absolutely amazing with his cochlear implants.  His word and sound recognition baffles me.  He hears every little sound and wants to know what they all are.  He will be re-mapped (programming on the implants) next week in Anchorage.  He has speech therapy twice a week and we do a lot of listening activities at home.  His speech is becoming more and more understandable.  I am thrilled.

Doug's whole life is work, work, work.  Right now he is filling in for another pharmacist on vacation, so when he is done he will have worked 11 days straight of 10 hour shifts.  Maybe sometime this summer he will make it out on the lake.

I have been preparing for baby.  We didn't have a good spot for a full-size crib, so we got a mini crib.  I have been making bedding to match the decor in the guest room since baby will get a small corner in there.  I sew and sew and sew.  I am learning a little at a time.  Baby has no name, other than baby.  Doug wants to call it Ozzie and whether I like it or not, he says he will call it that.  I hate it, just in case you cared to know.

We had pictures taken of the boys two weeks ago.  Thanks Leaca - we miss you!  Some of them turned out really cute, but for the most part the kids were uncooperative.  My computer won't read the disk, so these aren't the best quality and I am at the mercy of whatever Doug decided to put on his facebook account - since that is where they are coming from.  I will figure out a better solution later.
(Nolan really had to pee...)
There is a really cute one that Leaca is making for my blog header of Brenden standing by the 1, Nolan by the 2, Ethan by the 3, and me and my big belly by the 4.


The Porter Family said...

Those pictures are way cute! I think for 3 little boys, she did a great job. :) I can't wait to see the new blog header! Thanks for all the updates. You are saving me from boredom today. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a very cute pregnant lady :)

Amber said...

I'm so glad that you updated! I read the story about Ethan's surgery. It's amazing how many people just ignore the plight you are in.
The pictures of the boys are really cute.