Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gray Hair

Brenden was telling Nolan what a "hint" of something was.

Brenden: Like, when you're getting old, you'll have just a hint of gray hair.
Me: I had some gray hairs!
Brenden: (looks confused) I don't see them.
Me: I had FOUR - I pulled them out.  I think you (Brenden), and you (Nolan), and you (Ethan) gave them to me.
Brenden: (whispers) No, it's called being old.  (not whispering) But dad's not old, he doesn't have gray hair.
Me: Neither does Grandpa Boehme.
Brenden: Neither does Grandpa Kline.
Me: Oh yes he does!
Brenden: No he doesn't he's BALD.

So then Brenden and I discussed how he will most likely be bald when he gets old.  He doesn't think that's fair.

I noticed four gray hairs about 2 days after I discovered pieces of Ethan's implant missing, I am sure they have something to do with each other.  My mom has reminded me that gray is better than bald, so I better stop pulling them out.

Nolan and Ethan have their evil laughter going, so I am pretty sure they are being naughty.  Yep, now I hear things hitting the walls.  I am glad they are finally enjoying each other (although a LOT of fighting still occurs - more than their fair share), but they sure are noisy about it.  Everyday Nolan gets home from school and he and Ethan start in on their obnoxious, high pitch, evil laughter and wake Cameron up.  The poor kid almost never gets to wake up on his own - he's always woken because I have to haul him somewhere (which really mean I have to take someone else somewhere and he has to come) or the other boys wake him up.

By the way: It was a good thing I had Brenden proof reading over my shoulder.  I misspelled about 5 things. 

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Amy said...

I agree with your mom. And you can always dye them!