Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Report Cards

Brenden and Nolan got their report cards today.  Each has a summary at the end.

Nolan has an amazingly positive attitude at school.  He is continuing to work on his listening skills.  (The nice way of saying he doesn't listen.)  Please help him review his counting at home.  In the coming months we will be working daily on writing and weekly on scissor skills.  Nolan returned his folder 9 out of 9 weeks.  (Ha!  NOLAN returned it?  More like, "Mom put his homework folder in his backpack 9 out of 9 weeks.")  Nolan read 1160 out of 400 required minutes.  Keep up the great reading!

At least there was no mention of his classroom behavior - good or bad.  I found today's note from the teacher in the trash in the bathroom.  Evidently he hid when it was time to go in from recess.

Brenden is such an amazing boy.  You can always count on him to remember what happened in our read aloud or bring up an interesting point to discuss in small groups.  His creative side always shows through in his writing.  Even the most basic of assignments he adds his own personal touch and completes it with the greatest detail.  Brenden has really taken on the Accelerated Reader challenge this quarter and is leading the primary wing in points earned.  Keep up the good work, Brenden!

I'm so proud of my boys!

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