Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's a new year...

... and I still haven't finished blogging about last year.

Well, after trying to figure out my new computer, I think I still prefer my Mac's iphoto software - even with its exporting issues.  I guess I should try a blog just to see how I feel about this one.

As I said, most of my pictures are still a little unavailable to me, so here's what I have.

My friend Tiffany's family always gets together for New Years. When the festivities were moved to Tiffany's house due to driving conditions, we decided to crash their party.
Most of the kids and a few adults sat on the shed to watch.
Ethan didn't like the fireworks - even without his implants.
Doug took the boys out snow machining.  I tried to take Cameron out for a while, but he was not a big fan of the outdoors.
Nolan was so excited to finally ride.
This is all Brenden wants to do anymore.
He is at least nice enough to give Ethan a ride now and then.
Nolan was keeping warm with hot chocolate.
Super baby's cape is made of footed pajamas, of course!
Super baby rolled over this far by himself.
Doug has been doing quite a bit more ice fishing lately with his new work schedule.  Today we all went.  We were there for 6 hours - and it was 7 degrees.  Do you know how scary it is to drive onto a lake for the first time?  A little terrifying, even knowing the ice is nearly two feet thick.
This is the second round of "I want to eat him!" The first one was cute, with less tears.
Spencer and Nolan danced around that flopping fish for a long time before I decided to try to capture the moment.  Nolan hauled that silly fish (which was frozen stiff at 7 degrees) everywhere with him - even when he rode in the sled behind the snow machine.
A terrible video of Brenden on his snow machine:
While we were fishing, Brenden and Ethan's speech therapist stopped to talk with us. He tested Nolan's speech on Friday and told us all about Nolan's demonstration of his use of synonyms.
Nolan: Do you know what another name for house is?  Home.
Mr. Hufford: Did you know that sometimes a car is also called an automobile?
Nolan: I know another name for poop!
Mr. Hufford: What?
Nolan: Turd.  Brenden calls me that all the time.


Emily Hurtado said...

Looks like Brenden is missing a few teeth. I feel bad for that poor fish; I couldn't finish watching the video. You should take mom ice fishing, she's sure to love it. I wonder how many layers of clothes she'd manage to get on.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Nolan is a pretty funny kid, I know a few more names for poop too if you know what i mean. Here in Rexburg there is a whole lot of Frozen (you know what i mean). Mom and dad are out in Hawaii. Kirsten and I are at home playing with Paxton he is starting to giggle a lot more. I started sucking the life out of people last Wendsday at the plasma center so that should continue to be interesting. I will graduate in July now instead of April, this semester would have been quite busy otherwise. Plus its not like were going anywhere any time soon, we haven't heard much from any more schools other then the previous stating we are still under consideration, that being the case i am starting to study up again for the DAT. Hey the videos of fishing were awsome it looks like a great time to me. You guys are having a blast up there.
Greg Kirsten and Paxton

Koren said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that had to scroll past that poor dying creature. Emily, there's no way I could pack that many clothes. I'm having a hard enough time of it here!

The Boehme Family said...

Is it a bad sign that it no longer bothers me to see that? I guess I have clubbed enough fish on the head now that I don't see them as "Frank" or "Fred" like I used to. Doug wants to know if you're going to turn us in to PETA.