Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Last night:
7:00 - kids in bed
7:30 - Brenden out of bed
8:00 - Brenden playing in bed
8:15 - We head to bed, Ethan in our bed, Brenden still playing in his bed
8:30 - Brenden complaining he can't sleep, takes a shower
8:45 - Ethan back to bed
9:00 - Brenden back in bed, but claims he still can't sleep
9:15 - Brenden complaining he is hungry and needs a snack
9:30 - Brenden leaves on all lights in the house, so I get up to turn them all back off and go back to bed
9:45 - I realize Doug put my clothes that aren't to be dried in the dryer, jump out of bed
9:58 - Refusing to leave my bed again.

Here I thought I was in bed early enough to get up easily at 5:30.  6:05, Doug informed me my alarm went off a long time ago and I am supposed to leave in 5 minutes.  Generally, I don't go to bed before midnight, so 9:58 was still good enough to make me happy.

The good news is that Doug got Brenden up early and easily this morning and he was not grumpy and listened and got ready for school without complaint or having to be told 746,000 times.  We were early to the bus stop and there was no yelling or screaming this morning about how we were going to be late!

The day is out to a great start.  It is pajama day/stuffed animal day at Brenden's school today, so he is wearing his Superman Pajamas and carrying around a Curious George stuffed animal.  Nolan is sleeping in and Ethan is actually happy this morning!  Doug is home for the day, so we it will (hopefully) be productive.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a nice start to your morning and 9:58 is amazing. I was so glad to see you and really would like to see you again-Jamie