Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things are looking up...

We have positive temperatures, folks.  4 degrees on the way to church today!

I planned a girls' night out in hopes of finding friends for Tuesday night.  I hope I am not left at a restaurant eating alone.

Gave up on the bed - he likes the crib too much and there is no reason to push the whole transition.  At least we got Nolan accustomed to sleeping on the top bunk.  I guess some good came of it.  It was not so much that they got into trouble in the beds as the fact that Ethan just screamed bloody murder for hours on end.  He is perfectly content in the crib.

Today was Ethan's first Sunday in nursery.  It was quiet in Sunday School.

I planned my lessons for the entire week of seminary today.  Maybe now I will have a few moments of freedom this week - or at least time to do some laundry and clean the bathroom.

I have been asked to present some of my family projects at a deaf/blind conference in Utah.  I am still wondering if they know just how far away I live...

It's a new week and I am hoping it's a good one!

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