Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The cast is off... again.

But first, there's this:

But now there's THIS:

Brenden asked this morning how they get casts off.  I told him that they saw it off with a special tool.  He wondered if it was a chain saw, so I took lots of videos for him.  Nolan, again, said he didn't want his cast off - after being SO excited yesterday.  To this point, he still won't stand on his right leg and is scooting around on his rear like before.  He was dry and itchy for a while.

We highly endorse ear protection
Getting a final x-ray
According to the doctor, the fracture is still not totally healed, but it will be with time and he felt much better sending Nolan away without a cast this time.  Funny story though: I walked into the office and the receptionist said, "We have Nolan down for tomorrow... BUT I'm SURE the doctor will see you..."  If you don't know why that's funny, please refer to this.

My Mother's Day:

(the kid below dressed himself, before the shorts, he was wearing burgundy athletic pants, so they are an improvement)
Talking to my mom on the phone

Doug had me fooled.  He asked me late Saturday night what I wanted for dinner.  I hadn't been to the store all week so I said, "Whatever you can find because we have no food."  He had gone to the store (although, he does WORK there) and he prepared a nice meal.

In the morning I could hear my men attempting to prepare breakfast.  I heard Doug say, "I'll check if there are any eggs."  I laid there and thought: I told you there was no food in the house...  (I bought powdered eggs today for such an occasion.)  I got a whole wheat bagel with only the slightest amount of berry cream cheese (I could hear Brenden in the kitchen saying, "Mom likes this one like this"), yogurt, and an apple.  My boys know me well.

I received the CUTEST cards from the kids.  Brenden's card had places for him to fill in words and pictures about me.  You HAVE to click on these to see just how cute he is.

Brenden says another thing I do best is stay up late.  What can I say?  It's true.

Nolan literally RIPPED open the card he gave me while yelling, "It's got a duck on it!  There's a duck!  Look, see, a DUCK!"  Doug's card sings, "Walk the Line."  They gave me a very cute orange and yellow garden tote with tiny little gardening tools and an orange kalanchoe (it's a flowering plant - Doug gave me one when we were dating - they're not very hardy...  I also manage to kill plants easily...  I'm hoping this one survives...).  Oh, and bear spray - can't forget the bear spray.  My bigger surprise came last night when Doug sent me for a massage and manicure and pedicure.  Now THAT was enjoyable!

I just got a call from Greg telling me that some of you were misled - he and Kirsten are NOT expecting.  Kirsten is just slightly, um, weird?  SHE said she was in a weird mood, but I interpret that to mean just plain weird.  If you missed that, she "announced" it in a comment on a previous post.


John Zakimi Kelly said...

Where did you get that awesome trampoline? I love it!

The Boehme Family said...

ShopKo - it's just like any other trampoline, but we choose not to put the leg extensions on it. We find it rather convenient that our kids can climb on and off easily.

grant boehme said...

It looks like Nolan is ready to run a race with me again. Just so he is carefull enough to not break it again. Looks like summer has come to Alaska!. - Grant

Anonymous said...

Hey, try throwing Nolan's favorite candy into the middle of the room and tell him he can only have it if he walks over to get it. Sounds strange, but it worked for my sister.
How is Brendan doing with the bilateral implants.
Sounds like you had a good mother's day. I would have loved the massage alone and then a pedicure and manicure to boot. Way to go Doug

Anonymous said...

He is too cute. I love how low your tramp is.

Greg said...

so i thought the evil plan was pretty funny thats good you guys had a great mothers day. my ears got filled full of dirt working in the wind again today. we have the garage built and all of the basement walls built and tomorrow we are putting on the floor. it is a 450,000 dollar home so it is pretty snazy, anyways here's to a sunny memorial day later dudes.