Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Friday I went with Brenden's class to Homer.  We left at 9:00 am and arrived at 11:30.  Being on a bus full of almost 50 kindergarten and first graders is just plain entertaining.  There were some pretty entertaining dads on the bus too.  We first had lunch and then scanned the beach for little creatures.  It was freezing cold and foggy.  I left my camera on the bus.  When we got back on the bus for our next stop, the whole bus smelled of fish and seaweed.  Next stop was the Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor's Center. 
 They learned about sea otters and took a little tour.  
Then back on the bus for the 2 hour bus ride home.  I enjoyed the day with Brenden.

We have had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DAYS EVER!  Today it was almost 70 degrees!  Brenden and I are burnt to a crisp after a full day out in the sun on Saturday.  (I wrote that Sunday night - Monday has been blustery and cold.  Yuck.)

What do you think, mom?  He's getting a little big for "Lightning McQueen," huh?  He still loves it like the first day he got it though.

(The leaf clean-up is a work in progress...)

Sunday on the way to church, Brenden was reading a pamphlet about Lego Land.  It said something about being 3-12 years old.  Brenden thought you had to be 3 OR 12 to go and was very concerned.  We were discussing that he was between 3 and 12 and Doug said, "And Nolan is too."  Nolan replied, "I am NOT TWO!  I am three!"  We thought it was funny - maybe you had to be there.


Anonymous said...

How can it be hotter there in May than it was in August when we were there last year? We will hope for warmer weather this August. Those boys are certainly handsome and grandma loves them very much.

Anonymous said...

Brenden did you see eagles this time in Homer or just birds? There are certainly a lot of leaves to rake good luck with that Love, Grandma Trudy

John Zakimi Kelly said...

Kate saw your pictures of your kids playing outside and I said, "wouldn't it be fun to have a little car like that at our house?" and she said,"Yeah, I don't like my house, I hate my house." Hope you don't mind, I guess I'll have to send her to live with you! Your house is way cooler than mine apparently.

Laurie said...

So funny! I love the smelly bus and the too small car and how big Nolan is getting! And the lego land confusion is classic! I miss you! I know we never did anything...but it was nice to know Aaron had a friend...who's mom was not a crazy person...Kindergarten has been really tough. He is now in Speech...He is really struggling and I don't have clue as to what to do...