Friday, May 8, 2009

Dr. Seuss

Right now I can hear Nolan in the basement reciting Dr. Seuss.  I heard:
While pretending to talk on the phone: "Hello?  Hello?  Can you hear me?  Hello?  A mouse has cut the wire, goodbye."
While playing cars: "Stop dogs, stop!  The light is red.  Go, dogs go!  It's green ahead!"
We've always been big fans of Dr. Seuss and are only short a few books to have a complete collection.  There was a time when Brenden was little that I could give you a Dr. Seuss phrase to answer almost any question.  I even dreamt in Dr. Suess-ish words and phrases.

Ethan wakes up in the morning and the first thing he wants to do is go outside and play.  He walks to the front door and says, "pay, pay," and signs his version of play.  I tell him he needs shoes and he says, "oo," and signs his version of shoe, which is oddly similar to the sign for more, but with his hands in a fist.  When I can't find him, I usually know he has escaped to the garage in an attempt to let himself outside.  He hasn't managed to get out of the garage yet.

Ethan's speech therapist makes him say little sounds before she will let him play with toys, so when he wants candy or a treat now, he goes through the whole range of sounds looking for whichever one will get him what he wants - "buh-buh-buh" "ma-ma-ma" "baa-baa."  Usually it's just too cute to resist.

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