Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brenden has a question:

He wants to know what a scientist who studies books is called - a bookologist?  (That was his theory.)  Doug says a scholar.  So, what is a scientist who studies books called?

I finished the bathroom today, but then tore out the floor, so you still get no pictures.  Sorry.  Now you need to start bugging Doug to get the cement board down so I can tile - I don't do cement board - did it once or twice and wasn't thrilled with it.  I figure it's the least he can do, right?  Okay, maybe I'll end up doing it, but I really do need Doug to take out the toilet.

I have moved on to Nolan and Ethan's room.  This is what happens when you're painting a kids' room:
Isn't it sweet?
You know what else happens?  Your six year old's little six year old friends walk in the front door uninvited and say, "Wow, this place is a MESS!"  Everything from the bedroom is stacked pretty much right in front of the front door.  I said, "Yes it is, thank you" and pointed them back toward the door.

Now, what I can't figure out is how I hate to paint, Doug LOVES to paint, and yet I have spent a solid week painting alone.  Oh, wait, Doug hasn't been home A SINGLE DAY I have been painting.  I find some peace in knowing that he hates the situation as much as I do.  

Doug only has 3 days off work before my parents come in two weeks, and one of them is a Sunday.  I am not concerned about the painting, mostly just the tile in the bathroom.  Let's explore Erin's way of thinking: "I better paint the bathroom before we tile so I don't have to worry about the paint getting on the new tile.  Well, now I have the paint out already, I might as well do the boys' room, oh, I have to paint the ceiling... Brenden's bathroom ceiling needs some touching up, oh and his bedroom ceiling too..."  Besides that, I decided that as long as I was painting, I might as well paint all of the exterior doors on my house.  Now there are little fingerprints and bugs stuck to them.  Today I painted the previously green ceiling in the boys' room to white and painted one wall the exact same color.  Unfortunate, I know.  (Why would anyone paint their ceiling green, another brown, and another yellow with pink polka dots?  Perhaps they missed the memo that said CEILINGS SHOULD BE WHITE! unless there are extenuating circumstances, which I am quite sure there were not.)

The results of Brenden's making and doing late at night:


Koren said...

Erin, I wouldn't recognize your house if you had it all put together when we got there, so don't run yourself ragged. I'll help with the inside, and let's put the boys to work putting up a chain link fence. Your Dad has already offered, so don't disappoint him.

Amy said...

A book historian.
Although... technically... all scientists study books. That's how they get to be scientists ;-)

Ter said...

Erin, your house is amazing already, but if you need some help or need someone to grab the boys for a few hours call me or Mollie we would love to take them... I love the pic of them all asleep...