Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brenden's Modern Day Miracle

I think that we can all learn a lot about faith from kids.  Today Brenden and I set out to paint the letters that spell his name and go in his bedroom.  (They still need some work...)
They were previously primary colors and were on the wall above his crib the day he was brought home from the hospital.  They don't fit his room decor now, so we were painting them to match.  We had all of the letters, but couldn't find the D.  We went out to the garage to hunt for it and after a long while, had no luck.  I told Brenden we were going to have to change his name to Brenen.  Immediately he responded, "Let's pray to Heavenly Father to help us find it."  He then said the sweetest prayer requesting help in searching for his D.  

He asked me how it was going to work.  How was God going to tell him where to find it?  I told him he had to listen and pay attention to where he feels like he needs to look.  He looked around for a few minutes and the very first box he looked in, I said, "Those are daddy's tools, it won't be in there."  He kept diligently searching through the box, so I figured, what the heck, I'd go help him.  He was right!  The D was in the bottom of the box where it didn't belong.  He quickly said a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for showing him where to look and that he was "very grateful."  He called Doug and told him that Heavenly Father showed him where to find his D.

During the process, we also had a lovely retelling of Nephi and the Liahona.  Nephi's brothers tied Nephi up on a boat and the Liahona that told them where to go stopped working.  Brenden and Nolan had been fighting and Brenden reminded me that when Nephi's brothers stopped being wicked, Nephi prayed that the Liahona would work to show them where to go.


The Porter Family said...

Wow that is amazing! Good for him for having that faith and following through with where he thought it was. :) And good for you to have raised him so well! :)

Ter said...

WOW! that is a very touching story. How awesome it is that he has such faith followed what you have taught him... what a great example you are to all of your children.