Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yes, we are all still alive and well (well, other than Nolan who has a slight cold...), we have just been enjoying the great outdoors.

May 29 was Doug's birthday.  Brenden decided that Doug needed a "fishing party," so we spent a few days preparing fishing games and making a fish cake.  We should have eaten fish for dinner too, but Doug requested omelets.  So, here in a pictorial nutshell is Doug's birthday.
Captain Brenden and the crew
Captain Nolan
The Birthday Carnival
(Go Fish! Booth, Alaska Art Booth - all art purchasable through Brenden Boehme, and Let's Go Fishing Game Booth)
Dad's Fishing Game
We printed off fish and wrote on them why we love Doug and put a paper clip on each one.  We attached a magnet to a fishing pole and sent Doug fishing.

No one can ever open a present alone in our house.
Doug caught a salmon!
May 30 a real carnival came to Kenai.  I loaded up the kids and we spent a short (yet VERY expensive) time with the carnies.  Doug joined us a short time later after he got off work.
Brenden rode the first ride alone.  
He said he thought he was getting "air sick," but enjoyed the ride.

We have had some excitement here as well.  The moose are having their calves, which makes them very protective and very grumpy.  Brenden was next door playing and I was in the neighbor's house when Brenden came running in screaming about a moose.  The two neighbor boys who were in the yard with Brenden had been charged by the moose and they ran up the swing set into the tower in just enough time to get away from the moose and her twin calves.  SCARY!  Last night our other neighbor called to tell us that a moose just had her calf in their yard and to get the dogs in or the mama moose would certainly kill them.  

We missed it, but there were black bears on the road last week.  The baby brown bears from last summer have been spotted quite often up near where we saw them.  See this link for some photos from a friend's blog.  Oh, the excitement of living in Alaska!


Anonymous said...

That would have been fun to see. We have not seen any bears since moving to Kenai. WE would see them all the time in Dillingham.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS scary! Good thing your kids are quick thinkers! What a great birthday party for Doug! Happy Birthday Doug!

Nolo and Lauren said...

carnies, moose and bears... oh my!

Anonymous said...

Moose and bears are too much excitement for this old grandma. DO BE CAREFUL!! We love your blog and have to wait for Marinda to come and print it for us. We had hail which shredded the garden plants and the beautiful Iris on the south side of the garage last evening. I have written before but apparently I am not sending them correctly. LOVE, GrPa & GrMa W.